Audi A6 Beauty Shots Might Steer You Away From Buying A 5 Series

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There's also a close-up video indicating every little detail as well as an acceleration test .

 The new A6 has brought an insidious progression on the outside and a tech-heavy rebellion inside to better rival the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes E-Class. Audi's refurbished sedan adopts the company's new design language, which although isn't all that different compared to the one before, the changes made to the outer bark of insurance premiums four-door representation do make it look considerably more up to date.

One promise made by Audi is to better scatter its representations in terms of layout, and while the A6' s breast fascia resembles in many ways that of the flagship A8, we believe there are enough inconsistencies to determine it apart from the flagship representation and likewise from the stylish A7 Sportback. The back of these three automobiles exhibit the most obvious changes among Ingolstadt's top-tier representations, while their avant-garde interiors are basically chipped from the same cloth >>> Full Review Click Here

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