Next Opel/Vauxhall Astra Expected In 2021 With PSA Platform, PHEV Powertrain

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The Opel and Vauxhall brands will be integrated into PSA furthermore with the heir to the Astra that's said hit the market in 2021.

The Astra L will change to the EMP2 stage that underpins various categories of PSA commodities, in particular, diesel the new Grantland X SUV, reports Caradisiac.


This will allow it to adopt more powertrains from the French monster. In addition to the petrol components, expected with productions between 110 PS( 108 hp/ 81 kW) and 220 PS( 217 hp/ 162 kW ), the seventh generation Astra will stay true-blue to diesels, very, that are believed to produce from 100 PS( 99 hp/ 74 kW) to 180 PS( 177 hp/ 132 kW ).


Furthermore, the EMP2 architecture will allow the compact car to accept electrification. Thus, a plug-in hybrid powertrain is on the cards, likely consisting of a petrol cell with an electric machine that, blended, should produce in excess of 200 PS( 197 hp/ 147 kW ).

Design wise, the 2022 Opel/ Vauxhall Astra will be more dynamic than the current representation, taking some styling cues from the Grantland X, while its footprint will remain approximately the same, with a portion of 4. 35 meters( 14.3 hoofs ).
Before propelling the all-new generation, though, Opel/ Vauxhall will roll out a facelifted copy of the current Astra that's already three years old. Prototypes have already been spotted experimenting in the open, with the front end contained within camouflage, which suggests a new bumper, headlights and reworked grille.

The facelifted Astra will likely debut before the end of the year at a standalone contest, as the PSA-owned symbol will hop-skip the upcoming Paris Auto Show.
Source by carscoops.com
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