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Rocket Bunny
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RE-Quad6-Seven - Update #3 UnMasked

Another couple of hours. Detail work calls for time. How a good deal could price consistent with hour for this. Every letter cautiously extr...

P!PES Battle Twins and Triplets.

Two bodies built on opposite sides of the world with a common goal.  Maximum impact! By now you've seen the white machine in detail, so ...

Weekly Lashing

Rocket Bunny Triple mash up. Get your Candy. Battle equipped is a real understatement. Battle chompin' on the bit. P!PES FD3s on Bianca ...

RE-Finishing the Rocket Bunny.

Finally... Getting around to finishing the Rocket Bunny FD3s "Glam Spec" Drifter I've refinished the the front splitter in mat...

Rocket Bunny RX-7 Battles.

Click below to check out the video. RBRX7BAttles from RE-Xtreme on Vimeo .

V1 v V2 @ GCRC

Version 1 or Version 2 Rockets ready for action. Video Take 1 215mm wide rear give up desires 14. Custom MST rims are exact for this projec...