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RX-7 FD3s
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RE-Quad6-Seven - Update #3 UnMasked

Another couple of hours. Detail work calls for time. How a good deal could price consistent with hour for this. Every letter cautiously extr...

RE-Quad6-Seven - Update #4 Subtle Detail

After a false start with my Airbrush... Let's Go! Back to the cans. Inside and out. Un overlaying well-knownshows the subtle effects. It...

RE-Quad6-Seven - Update #5 W I D T H

Accentuating curves in white, there's nothing to hide. The Rx-7 is coming collectively slowly. However like all matters, you want a plan...

GCRC Friday Fruit and Nutters.

Slide time! Line them up! Tomatos... Oranges Grapes... Blue Berries And BLACK BERRIES... Mixed Fruit Salad.  Love RC ... Get it on! Knowledg...

RE-QUAD6-7 Update#6 Light

When all those lengthy hours upload up... And also you get near the stop of a undertaking... It starts to present rewards. One of the reward...