remarkably nice original old cars at good prices at Qualcomm swapmeet

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Very odd "Give me your best offer, I'll look through all offers and get back to the highest bidder, without really calling this an auctiondanquot; 4 door chev. Excellent condition, stored since 1970 with various owners that never did anything to improve it.

This seller is likely going to be choosy about the next owners intentions, as they seem to give a damn that someone restore it. I say once you decide to sell it, you aren't interested in how it's treated becuase you've chosen to not treat it the way you intended

they were only asking 6 thou for this solid rust free 30 or 31 contoh A

Sold at 4 thou about an hour after the place opened, first guy who offered cash is going home with it, and a truck load of great spare parts, including spare roadster body. The wood rims are in terrific condition, and the car was aid to fire up and power the old car along. I believe it too, it was the best deal that probably was there, anywhere.

The sign says hiw wife told him to get rid of some projects, this rat rod project will be yours for about 1650 dollars, and has a for 460 engine

They only wanted 3 thou for the VW

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