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Mazda RX-Z Concept 3.0 litre V6 and two electric motors Sports Car Coupe.

Mazda RX-Z Concept Sports Car Coupe

Mazda RX-Z Concept 3.Zero litre V6 and electric cars Sports Car Coupe.

The Mazda RX-Z concept is a proposal for a 2+2 sports coupe to replace the aging Mazda RX-8. The design was conceived by Andrus Ciprian, a design student from Romania whose previous work includes the Dacia MC concept. Like the MC the RX-Z concept was created using the 3d modeling program 3D Studio Max, and rendered with the help of Mental Ray. Mazda RX-Z Concept Sports Car Coupe

The RX-Z was advanced as Ciprian places it; "as a hyperlink between fossil fuel vehicles and more ecological ones." To obtain this the proposed drivetrain for the idea consists of a three.Zero litre V6 diesel engine up front - which replaces the notoriously thirsty rotary engine from the RX-8. And a pair of electrical vehicles on the rear. Under ordinary situations the RX-Z could be pushed totally via the diesel engine. But at low speeds around metropolis the electric pressure may be used on its very own for emission free motoring. At higher speeds the electrical motors paintings along side the V6 engine to provide a boost feature. A start/stop technology that is integrated into the engine in addition will increase gasoline efficiency.

RX-Z concept is equipped with four doors. The rear doors are half-sized and hinged at the rear. This helps to disguise them into the bodywork and reduce their impact on the flowing lines of the car. Mazda RX-Z Concept Sports Car Coupe

One of the greater unusual capabilities of the Mazda RX-Z concept is the rear mild panel. In the center is a display screen that can light up with any textual content written by means of the motive force. Presumably you could most effective 'write' on the back of your vehicle whilst stopped, otherwise this would be one surefire way of both going in a crash or getting into hassle!

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