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Dacia SHIFT Concept a New Innovative Concept Car powered by lithium-ion or hydrogen fuel cells.

Dacia SHIFT Concept 2012.

Dacia SHIFT Concept a New Innovative Concept Car powered by using lithium-ion or hydrogen fuel cells.Dacia SHIFT Concept is a brand new progressive concept layout that was created independently by means of a younger Romanian fashion designer - Liviu Tudoran. As have been said via the clothier that the Dacia SHIFT Concept may be the best car for roaming the crowded streets of 2012.

Dacia SHIFT Concept wears the design cues of the Duster concept and it will offering space for two passengers as it is an electric two-seater car. Dacia SHIFT Concept 2012.

Dacia SHIFT Concept is follows the traces of the brand new identification of the Dacia emblem, and it'll be powered via lithium-ion batteries. However, it also can accommodate hydrogen gasoline cells.

Liviu Tudoran, a young Romanian designer has presented an electric sport model called Dacia Shift which runs using lithium-ion batteries and Tudoran sees the Dacia SHIFT Concept roaming the crowded streets of 2012 and offering space for two passenger. Dacia SHIFT Concept 2012.

The Dacia SHIFT Concept might be powered with the help of lithium-ion batteries and can also accommodate hydrogen gasoline cells. Dacia Shift is a concept retaining the wishes of the younger Bucharest residents in mind, in order to not exceed the level of drawing and cartoon, as it being an independent venture and not using a reliable reference to the Dacia logo.

Dacia SHIFT Concept 2012.

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