Wings of Nike Sport Cars Concept

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"Nike of Samothrace - ancient Greek statue - represents Goddess of victory and sea battle. Conveys a sense of action and triumph as well as portraying artful flowing drapery through its features which the Greeks considered ideal beauty", is the inspiration of the name.

Wings of Nike Sport Cars Concept

Idea to this Concept car was to reborn the spirit of victory and passion in different way to honor legends which shouldn't be forgotten. Reviving the spirit of victory and passion to honor the classic Formula 1 cars, designer Darko Nikolic has created a supercar concept dubbed the “Wings of Nike” (WON), representing triumph and ideal beauty in Greek mythology, which brings blood quickening and sophisticated of 50s look with seriousness of limousines from 30's was a huge challenge.

Wings of Nike Sport Cars Concept

Wings of Nike Sport Cars Concept based off a smorgasbord of 1930s and 1950s era cues, including wings, extended fenders, chrome bumper, suicide doors, and a roadster style rear end. The chassis is formed from lightweight aluminum, and its outer shell from carbon fiber. Capturing the sport heart in the sleek, stylish body of limousine, the futuristic sport sedan flow the lines to connect parts, spreading almost individually, along the whole body for superior aerodynamics.

The electricity engine of the Wings of Nike Sport Cars Concept is a 7.3-liter V-12, producing a cushty yet potent 750 bhp, introduced through 4 (all wheel power) 22-inch dubs, and egged on by using a 7-speed twin plate take hold of transmission. The brakes are ceramic for superior preventing energy, and the black and crimson exterior finish to represent its sporty individual, which similarly is stronger by way of a chromed bumper, white circles on tires and doorways commencing backwards.

Wings of Nike Sport Cars Concept

Technical specifications:

Wings of Nike Sport Cars Concept

Class: grand tourer, supercar

Type: four-door sedan

Body made from: carbon fibre with aluminum sub-frames/ aluminium

Engine: 7.3l V-12 (750 bhp)

Transmission: rear-mid primarily based 7 speed twin grab/dual plate snatch

Layout: the front-engined, all-wheel force

Breaks: ceramic breaks by Brembo

Design: Darko Nikoli?

Rhinoceros three-D modeling: Darko Nikoli?

V Ray renderings: Milo? Li?Ina

Photography director: Darko Nikoli?

Post production: Darko Nikoli?

Wings of Nike Sport Cars Concept

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