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New Porsche 911

New Porsche 911

The new Porsche 911

German sports car manifests itself in three figures. 9-1-1. And has been for the International Automobile Exhibition 1963rd Now the latest edition of the Porsche 911 digs in the wings. It is presented in September at the place where it all began. At the IAA 2011 in Frankfurt (15 - 25 September).

The 997 series is successful, the optically altered gently comes 991st With shorter overhangs, about six more inches of length, upon receipt of the golden proportion - one of the finest that has been implemented on nearly four and a half meters in length to the present.

Neuer Porsche 911

Neuer Porsche 911 Neuer Porsche 911 Neuer Porsche 911 Neuer Porsche 911

This was so, this remains so. Good thing: The lights are like the original model upright in the wind. The rear end is crisp, narrow taillights matter of taste. The rearview mirrors are based in the window no longer triangular, but are now mounted on the door. The LED daytime running lights and modernity are seen in the indicators. The self-imposed diet bears fruit grown in spite of dimension. About 45 pounds were saved thanks to lightweight construction and the use of aluminum. The dopes driving pleasure as the extending rear spoiler only ride in the hasil. The extra portion of wheelbase (100 mm) does not only the straight-line well, but also the somewhat more generous, in a dua 2 interior spaces.

In the engine room - the back - it's like in the trunk - the front - as ever to close. Nevertheless, creeps the terkini age: bring direct injection, turbocharging, start-stop, regenerative braking, the abkoppelnde ancillary units and a newly tuned dual-clutch gearbox the tiga.4-liter six-cylinder boxer engine has a fuel consumption that is not necessarily to 360 hp and 300 km / h suggests peak: nine liters. The tiga.8-liter engine develops 385 hp and 400 instead of the future will remain so until the new saddle on it and the next 911 Turbo, GT3 still one, the first principle of true 911: A Dominator on the road, a driver's dream sport. In September, the Stuttgart sports car will debut at the IAA. From December the new 911 Carrera and Carrera S Coup? Is the dealer. Early 2012 following the closed-open-air driving enjoyment-joy, the new 911 Cabriolet. (Le)

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