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2010 BMW Sports Cars Z4 GT3

The German company BMW has been considered as one of the top manufacturers ever since it was first introduced in 1916, they have been an expert when it comes to creating new and innovative vehicles to cater to the market. GT3 BMW Z4, which is officially launched and completed the first test drive in early March, already enjoying great popularity among customers of BMW Motorsport. The first cars delivered to private teams, BMW will prepare them for use in national and international championships.

2010 BMW Sports Cars Z4 GT3

2010 BMW Sports Cars Z4 GT3

BMW Z4 production model is impressive: with a long hood, wheel arches are lit, the long wheelbase and narrow projection, this car offers a unique look. BMW Motorsport engineers two passengers provide a good basis to develop close to GT3 racing car production.

“Information about the 2010 BMW Sports Cars Z4 GT3 very positive,” said BMW Motorsport Director Mario Theissen. ‘Round these sports cars in the range of our products, and provides drivers and teams a chance to compete at the championships in accordance with the GT3 regulations – such as the FIA GT3 European Championship, the International GT Open or Masters ADAC GT – and 24-hour endurance races." In addition, the BMW M3 GT2, the BMW 320si WTCC, which complies with Super2000 regulations, and the close-to-production BMW M3 GT4 are also available to customer teams from all over the world at BMW Motorsport Distribution.

2010 BMW Sports Cars Z4 GT3

Front and rear wings, bonnet, roof, fender and many other components are made of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP). Using this lightweight, torsion-resistant material contributed significantly to reducing the weight of the 2010 BMW Sports Cars Z4 GT3 to 1,200 kilograms. As with all cars in the BMW customer racing range, the emphasis was also put on cost-efficiency when developing the 2010 BMW Sports Cars Z4 GT3. As a result, the car offers an excellent cost / quality ratio and gives the team a chance to participate personally in the affordable sports car at the highest level.

2010 BMW Sports Cars Z4 GT3

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