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2010 Ferrari F10 Specifically to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship

Scuderia Ferrari unveiled today its 2010 challenger, the Ferrari F10. The F10 single-seater was presented with a new livery, with both the front and the rear wing white painted. The F10 is the fifty-sixth single-seater built by Ferrari, specifically to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship. The name of the car renews the tradition of being linked to the year in which it makes its debut in the Championship. The project, which went by the internal code number 661, represents the Scuderia's interpretation of the technical and sporting regulations which apply in 2010.

2010 Ferrari F10  Formula 1

The rule clarifications issued by the FIA all through the route of the preceding season with regards to the diffuser have spread out new scenarious for the designers in phrases of liberating up this vicinity, for this reason representing the opportunity to deliver probably awesome overall performance benefits. Compared to the F60, the F10 changed into obviously conceived with the purpose of maximizing the aerodynamic performance of the double diffuser. Therefore the engine mountings to the chassis were modified in a selected manner and additionally redesigned is the shape of the gearbox casing and the rear suspension layout.

2010 Ferrari F10  Formula 1

It only takes a quick look to observe that the front part of the chassis is extensively higher than on final yr's vehicle and that the significant upper and lower surfaces are hollowed out, as a way to improve airflow. Another most important rule trade is that race refuelling is banned, this means that the fuel cellular needs to be large enough to allow the car to get to the cease of the race, some thing kind of circuit. Inevitably, the auto is longer to house the new gas tank and to permit the installation of longer and narrower radiators so that the sidepods have a smaller higher aperture with a more reduce-out form at the bottom. A further tapering as been completed way to a revised and unconventional configuration of the exhausts.

2010 Ferrari F10  Formula 1

The want to begin the race with a miles heavier car than within the beyond has required a redesign of the basic traits of the braking gadget, completed at the side of Brembo in addition to a brand new design for the applicable cooling gadget.

2010 Ferrari F10  Formula 1

Safety ranges had been improved thanks to the creation of new crash checks of the rear bulkhead and the mobile with a complete load. In light of beyond incidents and the truth that pit stops will take less time, the wheel nuts have been up to date a good way to increase safety while the automobile is sent back out on course.

2010 Ferrari F10  Formula 1

Before its tune debut, the F10 underwent an in depth dynamic and static bench check software. Significant tendencies on all regions of the automobile are constructed into this system, now not simply within the run up to the outlet spherical of Bahrain, however all through the entire yr.

2010 Ferrari F10  Formula 1

As continually, a good deal interest has been paid to the overall performance and optimization of the materials used, on the layout degree and via great manipulate, so as to extract the most stage of overall performance mixed with the best feasible safety ranges.

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