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Mercedes Supercar C.S.V Concept With BCI System

The Mercedes Benz Cyborg Sensation Vehicle, or C.S.V., is a concept car imagined by Chinese designer Derek Chik Kin Ng. The C.S.V. is an off-road capable, two-seater supercar, Inspired by the Mercedes F400 concept, designed back in 2001, is targeted to young adventurous professionals in 2040.

Mercedes Supercar C.S.V Concept

Its quite obvious, (thank you Captain Oblivious) what the core idea of this car is simply by means of call. Technology and organics are sure to merge finally. Imagine using simply by using questioning. When you take a seat inside the drivers seat, your although styles are sent to the vehicle, as a result becoming an extension of your body. Theres no want for analog controls.

Mercedes Supercar C.S.V Concept

Mercedes F400 idea has served as the muse while growing this idea car of the future. It foreshadows a fully included driver interface, offering ?Riding?By using wondering?.

Mercedes Supercar C.S.V Concept

The interesting element about this Mercedes Benz idea is that it has no guidance wheel, no pedals, but this car can be managed with the strength of mind instead. It makes use of a gadget named Brain Computer Interface (BCI), which creates a connection among the car and its driver, via a specifically-designed helmet.

Mercedes Supercar C.S.V Concept

This manner, the driving force?S brain impulses are gathered by means of the helmet and transferred to the auto, which responds as it should be. Although this precept may additionally sound potential in the future, its implementation on vehicles, ought to show to be pretty a hard challenge.

Mercedes Supercar C.S.V Concept

The implications for such technologies method at some point properly recognize a way to interpret, map out, and respond to human neural patterns. If you may placed that concept aside for a 2d, lets awareness on the design.

Mercedes Supercar C.S.V Concept

Theres quite a few F400 in there however the clothier wanted to offer the automobile an organic flavor, hence the muscle fibers flanking every side, well tucking right into a hidden skeletal gadget. The result is a layout that takes Mercedes Benz DNA and evolves it into an organic item mimicking its pilot.

Mercedes Supercar C.S.V Concept

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