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Koenigsegg CCR Design Sport Car Concept

Koenigsegg CCR Design Sport Car Concept

Koenigsegg's design seeks to present an interpretation of energy and flowing motion. The body of a Koenigsegg is fashioned for one closing cause; pace. Its splendor is the splendor of pace itself. The surfaces are formed to perfectly aerodynamic, an look that doesn't misinform. All aspects of this device serve its one essential objective. Both the body and chassis of a Koenigsegg are product of extraordinarily lightweight carbon fibre composite, bolstered with Kevlar and aluminium honeycomb. Its race-bred suspension machine brings the motive force in control of all motion, even beneath the toughest racing situations.

The car turned into styled by means of Christian von Koenigsegg himself but its shape is largely dictated by aerodynamics. It isn't as hanging as Pagani or Enzo. At some angles it even appears cumbersome, like a huge whale. But the whale grants a feel of strength that you cannot locate in its competitors either. Because of the targeted top pace, the frame is designed to be so clean that it has a very low drag coefficient of 0.30. This is lots lower than Enzo (0.36), SLR (0.37) and Carrera GT (zero.39). Unsurprisingly, the downside is a alternatively low downforce, just 50kg on the the front and 70kg on the again. For contrast, an Enzo generates 775kg while Pagani achieves 500kg.

The chassis is constructed like different supercars. Central to it's far a carbon-fiber tub (Koenigsegg known as it "semi-monocoque") attached with steel subframe up the front and aluminum subframe at the rear for mounting engine, gearbox and suspensions. Chassis rigidity is 28,100Nm according to degree despite of the targa roof. The whole bodyshell is also carbon-fiber. Koenigsegg claims a dry weight of 1175kg, which interprets to 1275kg while fluid and gas are loaded, i.E., what we typically check with "kerb weight". In different words, CC8S is set as light as Pagani and Saleen S7, while being round one hundred kilograms lighter than Enzo and Carrera GT.

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