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The 9FF GT9 Porsche Sport Car

Porsche Sport Car 9FF GT9

Porsche Sport Car 9FF GT9 the engine functions titanium con-rods and forged pistons, which was necessary to address the 987hp output. Peak torque of 964Nm falls among 5,970 and 7,850rpm.

The 911 GT3 frame, on which it?S based, has additionally been stretched by using 300mm and has had the roof diminished by 120mm to maximise downforce at excessive speeds. Thanks to carbon-fiber and Kevlar production, the whole car will weigh in at just 1,326kg.

Although the car is loosely primarily based on a Porsche 911, its mechanical package has been completely revised. Ditching the 911?S rear-engine layout, 9ff engineers created a custom mid-installed engine design utilising the tuner?S twin-rapid four.2L flat-six engine.

Stranded somewhere between a racing automobile and everyday delivery,the indoors of the GT9 is, it must be said, eye cancer cloth. Fatthauer's genial wife decided at the race suit-fashion dash and door trimmings and it makes you marvel what their residence is like. Luckily it's a bespoke car, so the owners will get their choice of interior and it's tough to imagine anyone annoying this one. Still, it comes with a real stereo, passenger airbag and extra, transplanted deftly from the interior of a 911, and Porsche owners will understand maximum of the additives on display - from the ignition slot proper via to the handbrake and indicator stalks.

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