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Mansory Vitesse Rose Sports Car Special Edition of the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

Mansory Vitesse Rose

2009 Vitesse Ros? ? A Mansory special version of the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

Vitesse Ros? ? The name says it all. On the one hand, Vitesse manner pace in French and therefore already the basic version of the Bentley Continental GT Speed is an epitome for swiftness. On the alternative hand, Ros? Is the dominating coloration of the posh coup? That is best supplied in a constrained edition of 3 vehicles.German luxurious tuner Mansory is complete of surprises.

While the pink paint is the most obvious, this Bentley Continental GT Speed also gets a complete Mansory aero kit including a new front bumper with wider openings, side skirts and a new rear bumper with a diffuser. Mansory Vitesse Rose

The specific MANSORY aerodynamics bundle sets benchmarks in first-rate and look. On the one hand, the automobile body additives fabricated from PU-RIM flawlessly integrate into the unique design, but also render a extensive dynamic style. Front- and rear apron in reference to the side skirts form a unit and do now not simplest present a visible and colour-coordinated refinement. LED daylight hours strolling lights that are included in the the front apron render extra passive safety and in combination with the carbon fibre bonnet they decorate the dynamic appearance of the two-door vehicle. In addition, the issue components optimise the air duct over the auto silhouette which renders superb consequences on the dealing with. The necessary greater downforce may be attributed to the carbon rear lip which flawlessly flows into the shape of the boot lid and stops any troubles with the traction.

Mansory Vitesse Rose

The newly evolved stainless steel exhaust system with two angular, overlapping chrome cease pipes render a putting word to the tail and deliver the twelve-cylinder with an earthy rumbling sound.

In order to attract level with the more performance, MANSORY advanced a light alloy wheel measuring 10.Five x 21 inches. By the usage of weight-saving aluminium alloys and the consequently resulting reduction of the unsprung masses, no longer simplest the braking distance, however also the dealing with is drastically advanced. In co-operation with Dunlop, high-performance wheels type Dunlop Sport Maxx GT measuring 285/30 ZR 21 had been advanced. Moreover, the newly designed control unit for air suspension which permits reducing the sports automobile?S centre of gravity in one-of-a-kind ranges, renders additional dynamic excessive-lighting fixtures.

MANSORY achieves the precise symbiosis between dynamic capability and pricey atmosphere. Premium substances are selected for the interior and decorate the comfort. The leather is processed by using professional hand and is extremely resilient and nevertheless relatively gentle. With its individual grain and the manually applied decorative sewing, the entirety around the newly designed airbag sports activities steerage wheel renders an extravagant surroundings. The pedals are made from aluminium and in aggregate with the carbon fibre applications the distinct interior of the Vitesse Ros? Comes to perfection.

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