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GCRC Raceway Weekly Middle

Battle Time is ON!

Get Close.... And lean on that door.

Stay on the power!.. Even around a spinner.

Rear Wheel Drive and CS at the run.

4AGE vs SR20 and extra

Lean on the bumper!

S14 Hayabusa door to door with my Drift Master which remains very a whole lot a WIP.

I'm getting there.

Depending on tyre it became gradual, speedy or insanely too brief.

But there had been some a laugh laps.

As soon as I were given a few type of placing.

I had most important stability changes on my RWD from

1. Steering angle.

2. Steering binding

three. Tyre compound

4. Camber

5. Battery role

6. Shock setting

7. Ride top.

I modified a LOT this night however it is still now not pretty there.

But it become a amusing avenue to follow.

While I sat around, my digital camera disappeared for some time.

547 snap shots later,

you're certain to locate a variety of first rate pictures.

Quality content in no way far away at GCRC

So there is plenty to capture.

Love the rear fenders on the D-Like S15.

Awaiting the satisfactory opponent.

Then pouncing.

Punching through scenery

Slashing via the straights

Chasing down everybody and anyone.

Han Solo says... GO!

Chase the line.

Run the wall.

Targets are waiting.

They have to bend out of the manner.

WWF wrestlers make an awesome length healthy.

But returned into the movement.

New comers blending it with the veterans.


and fight!

Chucking it in.

Don't forget SUNDAY is SEVEN's DAY at GCRC

Slippery when moist.... NO... Slippery ALL the time.

Thanks to folks that battled and tuned, spun and slashed. Most exciting.

You might be seeing plenty greater of the RWD drift master "Mono Stroker"

As I tune this chassis for war.

Already proper. However I'm targeting first rate.

 Until next time...

Keep it sideways.

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