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Vorsteiner Ferrari 599 VX (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Vorsteiner Ferrari 599 VX (2012) | The VX 599 project reveals the perfect mix Between Light-weight aerodynamics, performance, exhaust and wheels. Enhancing the aerodynamic of the front end, there is the front bumper with integrated spoiler and vented race hood. The styling of these components the 599 takes a step away from sports car and a step closer to race car.

Remaining true to the Ferrari race heritage, the additional of the rear spoiler and rear bumper with integrated diffuser was designed carefully to Stabilize the additional down force provided by the front and side elements. The lightweight carbon fiber components fit seamlessly to add a sophistication on its sculpted muscular body.

The exhaust note produced creates a statement That you have arrived at perfection. The VS-150 series wheel 599 VX completes the program. Available in 21-inch 7-spoke Forged Aluminum split Monoblock, is Offered alongside Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires.

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