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Volkswagen Group to Buy Italdesign Giugiaro?

Volkswagen's grasp plan is all about numbers. Being the most important, baddest automaker out there. That's why it is not any marvel to pay attention that Volkswagen is probably bringing Italdesign Giugiaro below its wing (nothing is official but).

An acquisition would be another major part of VW's world takeover scheme, assisting with the goal selling 10 million vehicles in 2018. Its ten brands intend to release sixty new or updated models this year, so more designers and engineers are needed.

Now is some distance from the primary time that VW and Giugiaro have worked collectively. The Italian design residence has helped create a lot of motors for the ones aforementioned ten brands.

The list includes: VW's Golf Mk1, Passat Mk1, Scirocco Mk1, and W12 / Nardo concepts; Audi's 80; Bugatti's EB118, EB218, and 18/3 Chiron; Porsche's 1970 Tapiro; Lamborghini's Marco Polo and Cala; Seat's Ibiza Mk1, Toledo Mk1 & Mk2, Córdoba Mk1, and Málaga.

Expect more news as it hits.

By Phil Alex

Via: Autoweek

Italdesign Giugiaro Gallery of Production and Concept Models

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