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Porsche Cayenne GTS (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Porsche Cayenne GTS (2013) | Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is celebrating the world premiere of the new Porsche Cayenne GTS. Its concept: concentration on sporty performance. In the process, the new Cayenne GTS does not just fill the gap Between the Cayenne Turbo S and the Cayenne but also differentiates Itself  Clarey from the other models with its own special character.

The Porsche Cayenne GTS's bonnet conceals a 420 hp (309 kW) uprated V8 engine, based on the Cayenne S power unit. An especially dynamically tuned en-gine and transmission design reinforces the emphatically sporty characteristics, ena-bling short bursts of speed at any time. The specially tuned chassis ensures thrilling driving dynamics.

The prevailing ambiance of the interior is sporty elegance, the GTS features a leather interior with Alcantara elements as standard. Front sports seats with eight adjustment options are also featured as stan-dard in the new Cayenne GTS . The Porsche Cayenne GTS will come to market in July 2012 with a price tag of 90.774 euro in Germany Including value-added tax.

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