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Ferrari Patents New Hybrid System

CAR GARAGE | Ferrari Patents New  Hybrid System | The latter seems a speculative, but cool: The Dino, Ferrari's first mid-engine sports car, used a fantastic-sounding V-6. A hybrid concept 599 Appeared at the 2010 Geneva auto show, packing a V-12 engine and a Formula 1-inspired KERS hybrid system. Patent applications we've uncovered, however, show That Ferrari is planning a far more conventional hybrid system. KERS stands for Kinetic Energy Recovery System. While most hybrid gas-electric systems in automobiles recover kinetic energy in some way, KERS Typically refers to a system That uses the car's brakes to spool up a flywheel; the flywheel, in turn, briefly holds the energy until the driver wants a short burst of added power. In Addition to Ferrari, Porsche and Volvo have experimented with KERS hybrid systems.

But Ferrari's patent describes what sounds like a more conventional, non-hybrid KERS setup. One more detail Important: The patent application describes the system as being set up in a car with a front-mounted, 90-degree engine. That means Ferrari's talking California, as the V-12 cars have a 65-degree bank angle engine.  Although Ferrari has been experimenting with the KERS hybrid system, however some patent applications have turned up recently reveal That Ferrari's plans to implement a more conventional, and seemingly more efficient, hybrid system.

Last month, Amedeo Felisa, Ferrari's chief, Revealed That the automaker was in the process of developing hybrid technology for the V12 models, V6 power and that 'even has potential. The KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) technology has already used Ferrari That operates by transferring energy from the brakes to a flywheel, the which holds the energy as it spools, releasing it as the driver needs. Ferrari's patent Appears to Achieve the same end result, minus any performance loss.

As the patent Outlines, the new concept uses two electric motors, one for propulsion and one to maintain ancillary systems, plus a battery and a super capacitor for energy storage. Using the two separate electric motors That means all of the torque will remain with the internal-combustion engine, allowing for improved performance over KERS. Let us know what you think about Ferrari's V6 and hybrid.

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