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2010 Lamborghini Supercar Cnossus Concept - Lamborghini Sports Car

This here is the Lamborghini Cnossus. The Lamborghini Cnossus Concept was designed by Russian student Victor Filipchenko with the help of his Portuguese colleague Nelson Simoes as part of their final thesis project at Italy’s Scuola Politecnica di Design.

2010 Lamborghini Supercar Cnossus Concept

Every Lambo needs a bull theme, and this supercar design study for a supercar concept named after the ancient Greek city of Cnossus (Knossus) on the island of Crete. The designers claim to have been inspired by the Lamborghini Countach, though it is evident that the edgy styling of the limited production Reventon special also played a role in the design of the Cnossus Concept.

It boasts many conventional cues inclusive of telephone-dial wheels lifted from the Countach, scissor doorways and gaping air intakes in front of the rear wheelarch. At the rear, the thin strip of LED lighting with inverted arrows on the quit is a clear nod in the direction of the Revent?N?S jet-fighter topic, whilst the diffuser seems greater like something you?D locate on a Le Mans prototype racer than a roadcar.

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