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Morgan Aero Coupe (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Morgan Aero Coupe (2012) | Constructed entirely from aluminum the which is a third of the weight of steel, the Morgan Aero Coupe combines performance with environmental responsibility and a high level of safety. A stiff chassis aluminum 4.8 liter BMW cradles the V8 engine and the 6 speed manual or automatic transmission. The individual parts are formed from alloy tooling and hand assembled by skilled craftsmen at the foot of the Malvern hills.

A Morgan Aero Coupe is a car That Is Designed to be durable with proven coatings and chemical treatments of the bonded rigid chassis and body. Now the Morgan Motor Company is a class leader in this chassis and car body technology. The cockpit of the Morgan Aero Coupe is a delightful place to be. The controls are luxurious to touch. The leather work is stitched with twin needles and combined with contrast suede effect panels for a dynamic and sporty feel.

Reliability is ensured with the BMW V8 and a six speed automatic transmission. This can be operated in two modes, 'Sport' and 'Auto'. The Morgan Aero Coupe comes with a full specification as standard. A powerful sound system creates standard definition audio as crisp as the lines of the exterior. However the Morgan Aero Coupe can also be customized to a person's individual taste and the choices are virtually inexhaustible.

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