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Dodge SRT Viper GTS (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Dodge SRT Viper GTS (2013) | Both Viper SRT and SRT Viper GTS models offer new interior and exterior designs Incorporating premium materials and new exterior surfaces with aerodynamically functional details are beautifully integrated into That the high-tech carbon fiber and aluminum skins. "The Viper SRT models is Meant to offer a perfect blend of extreme performance and a deliberate preservation of what has Become the iconic DNA of the Viper," Gilles added. We've purposely evolved the iconic soul and raw performance Viper That formula has maintained over the years," Gilles said. "Our returning customers will see the world-class levels of pride, quality and hand craftsmanship built into the 2013 Viper. With two price classes of the Viper SRT and SRT Viper GTS, we have offerings for both the traditional core customer and for the Viper new customer who wants the same performance in a package with more technology and premium creature comforts. "

New for 2013, the Viper will include a new power train mounting system That uses two hydro mounts for the engine. Width of the 2013 Viper SRT is 76.4 inches (1.941 mm). At the heart and soul of the 2013 Viper SRT is a hand-assembled 8.4-liter all-aluminum, V-10 engine. For 2013, the engine features a new ultra-high-flow, composite intake manifold for improved water distribution, new forged pistons, new lightweight, sodium-cooled exhaust valves and an aluminum flywheel. The engine also includes new catalysts to Reduced exhaust back pressure. For 2013, all Viper models will feature traction control. To help maximize traction for straight-line performance, all Viper models will also include launch control as standard equipment.

Also making its debut on the Viper is an advanced multi-mode electronic stability control system. This feature will Dramatically broaden the Viper's performance envelope for drivers at all skill levels. Preliminary performance ratings for the SRT-engineered V-10 include Increased horsepower and torque to 640 lb.-ft. Increased to 600, making it the highest torque of any naturally aspirated engine in the automotive world. Maximum engine speed (red line) is 6.200 rpm with fuel cutoff at 6.400 rpm.

At the heart and soul of the 2013 Viper SRT is the Venerable, hand-assembled 8.4-liter all-aluminum, V-10 overhead-valve engine. Preliminary performance ratings for the SRT-engineered V-10 Viper are 640 horsepower and 600 lb.-ft. of torque - the most torque of any naturally aspirated engine in the world. The 2013 Viper models will be more Engaging to drive and top speed is now Achieved through 6th gear with maximum engine speed (red line) at 6.200 rpm.

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