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2012 Toyota Avensis

CAR GARAGE | 2012 Toyota Avensis | The best-selling variant of the Toyota Avensis' six engine line-up, the 2.0 D-4D turbo diesel, has been revised to deliver significant improvements in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. With a choice of two body styles, three diesel and three petrol engines, three transmissions and four grades models, the Toyota Avensis has been specifically tailored to the European market. It sold 70.585 units throughout the region in 2010, representing a segment share of around 6%.

Building on the Toyota Touch multimedia base unit and unique to the mainstream market, Toyota Touch & Go offers customers a full map navigation system the which represents the best value for money on the market. Available in 14 languages, Toyota Touch & Go was developed in Europe, with European customers in mind. Toyota Touch & Go has been designed specifically to be both affordable and flexible.

Meeting a wide range of D-segment customer needs, the new Toyota Avensis shares the six power trainrange of its predecessor; three petrol and three diesel engines offering the performance-and economy-enhancing benefits of Toyota Optimal Drive. Toyota Optimal Drive showcases a combination of wide-ranging internal improvement and advanced technologies designed to optimize the Programmers balance of performance and driving enjoyment with fuel economy and low emissions.

As a result, low rpm torque from 234 Nm has Increased to 280 Nm at just 1.400 rpm, offering a marked improvement in higher gear throttle response. CO2 emission-reducing lubrication and cooling circuit improvements include a 2-stage oil pump with improved pressure oil jet, an optimized water pump with a reduced flow rate, and a twin-chamber oil pan warming to improve engine speeds. The reduction of friction through the adoption of a low friction vacuum pump, a low friction timing chain and low viscosity oil further enhance fuel efficiency. And combustion improvement through a new piston bowl shape and the new strategy has perceptibly lowered glow engine NVH.

In Addition to the revised 124 hp 2.0 D-4D turbo diesel, the new Toyota Avensis' six power train range further comprises a 150 hp, 2.2 D-4D unit available with either a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or a Diesel Particulate NOx Reduction filter and (DPNR), a 177 hp 2.2 D-4D variant DPNR, and a choice of 132 hp 1.6 liter, 147 hp 1.8 liter and 152 hp 2.0 liter petrol engines. All engines are mated to a 6-speed manual transmissions.

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