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2011 McLaren MP4-12C

CAR GARAGE | 2011 McLaren MP4-12C  | McLaren Automotive now looks to the future with a new range of revolutionary sports cars. McLaren Automotive is in the final stages of developing a range of innovative high-performance sports cars will also be That highly efficient, high-quality, lightweight, practical, dynamic, safe, comfortable and visually arresting. On Monday 17 January 2011, the first McLaren MP4-12C production car Entered the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) General Assembly Hall in Working, England.

We began designing and building cars for aficionados of Thoroughbred sports cars almost 20 years ago. Martin Whit marsh, Team Principal of McLaren's racing team highlighted the integral part That McLaren's motorsport and road car experience played in developing the 12C: " McLaren has for years Offered a potent mix of race car and road car technologies.  The first car from the new company, the McLaren MP4-12C, is a high performance two-seat mid-engine models in the 'core' sports car market segment for cars costing Between £ 125,000 and £ 175,000. The 12C is pure McLaren, featuring no carryover parts from any other car, and will be produced by McLaren in the UK.

McLaren is already a car maker with maturity and experience, having produced iconic Such as the F1 cars," said Antony Sheriff, McLaren Automotive Managing Director. "The next step was to construct a range of pure McLaren high performance sports cars That are true to the company's philosophy and Reflect our position as an absolute technology and performance leader.  "Forget what you know about sports car companies, McLaren is different," he concluded.

The production process for the McLaren MP4-12C will enable McLaren to build on its recent success of record production volumes and quality for a luxury super car with the SLR. The McLaren Production System brings a large scale lean production mentality into a small-scale, flexible operation. McLaren will maintain its high standards of final approval before a car can be released. McLaren AIMS to offer segment leading performance here too. McLaren has extensive experience of meeting these needs for McLaren F1 and SLR customers.

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