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Weekly Lashing

Rocket Bunny Triple mash up. Get your Candy.

Battle equipped is a real understatement. Battle chompin' on the bit.

P!PES FD3s on Bianca VS RE-Xtreme 86 on Drift PackageWeight Shift Drift Master

And vice versa.

S13 on FXX clearly pushing hard.

Overdose ready. DP Suspension Mounts and Adjustable rear mount prepared. I in reality have one aspect of the Overdose rear mount set zero.5 degrees more than the other to dial out any imbalance.

The result is big attitude on the go with the flow line.

Hunting the missile! D1 vs Street.

Angle ... Or pace.

I suppose we all made it around.

Take the extensive line and someone may cross the interior... I assume this become the result of a drag race from the previous nook.

Synchro Drift.  I'll have get my White FD on the chassis.

Yokomo Street FC3s is a great form.

Tamiya FD3s looking slim. A little wheel poke isn't always in any respect awful.

Big thanks to the second cameraman.

Some super movies on the fb web page too.

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