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Volkswagen T-ROC 2019

The Volkswagen T-ROC is designed to fit into the company's range under Tiguan. The front has a wide, hexagonal grid with thin headlights that interact intently in the corners. The stylish bright LED complement the look of the front.

The chrome tapes add a little gloss to the vehicle profile.

Behind the rear, the T-ROC has a tailgate mounted rear spoiler and a sporty rear bumper. The new T-ROC uses the AUDI Q2 platform and will retain the familiar propulsion petrol TSI and diesel TDI power units, which can be combined with either manual or 7-speed DSG transmission.

The front-wheel drive is a standard, while all-wheel drive is optional.

According to its size, it is suitable for city streets, which unlike Tiguan is smaller, has a clear management, the operator from the bottom is at a height of 57 cm. The wheelbase is 259 centimeter. As for comfort at the feet is sufficient, and for this it deserves the width of 182cm. Primarily T-ROC is more intended for individuals or for couples who are without children. When it comes to the luggage compartment, it is not negligible, it is 445 liters. The test contoh we have ridden had 392 liters, due to its sounding in the luggage compartment and the spare tire. The mast in the interior is made of hard black plastic, where consumers pay attention most, but it is not good. As mentioned, the new T-ROG has high tech design and many more things.

The design delivers two-zone automatic climate, leather on all controls, 8-inch screen, auto-distance and braking system, parking sensors and track recognition pedestrians. The Sport version of the T-ROG has a dual option where on the board itself the steering wheel at its own discretion can see the rotor or navigation itself.

Door cracking is high, and the isolation itself is done very well, which accidentally won you lima stars at EuroNACAP. T-ROG has a rich range of engines that has been offered to consumers, there is a 1.0 115 hp, 150-190 hp turbosener unit in gasoline aggregates. Diesel engines are 1.6 and dua.0 TDI with 150 hp where the option is 4x4. The weight of the T-ROG is 1624kg which makes it stable in its driving. Average consumption is lima,3 liters, on the highway 6.2 liters and in urban environment it is 7 liters. The sport model gives us a lot with its equipment, but the price is much higher than the base model 1.0 TSI. However, from this model, drivers are satisfied and it provides basic essentials.

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