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Village Square

Welcome to the Village Square...

A small personal music that's still remarkable amusing!

Full D1 Spec may look like overkill on the small format, but I was the use of very tough GA26 tyres at the RWD. Speed isn't always high at all.

Think of it like Odaiba D1 instead of Suzuka D1.

Raised the front stop and wheels outdoor the frame works well on my Degrading 4 rotor RE-86.

A quick go to from the PIG. The results have been some extremely good films.

Some awesome stuff caught on film... right here ......>>>>>>> CLICK

Before a few electric gremlins, it become a laugh fighting with the Pig and the opposite men.

Some close battles.

With the automobiles near and speeds low, you can genuinely choose distance within the mm.

 Just like this.

And this...

And this...

Everything is tight...! But the emphasis is on amusing.

If you are lucky to get the invitation... You will revel in some precise instances.

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Mustaqim Jaed
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