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Square Dance

Drifting is like dancing in a way. You need a terrific accomplice.

When people journey interstate or even a just couple of hours inter metropolis and bring a go with the flow car. You realize they may be keen.

You can probable also assure, they may be in your door after a quick track.

Such is the fashion of a crazy drifter.

The other night time at GCRC these boys were dialed in and appearing nicely. Tonight attempting something distinctive.

But quickly mashing it up.

RWD style in full force.

Follow the chief... New young drivers and the subsequent gen blending it up.

Plenty of this. The sign says... This is Drift, not racing... However in reality there has been a three lap race at one factor. Haha!

 But this is the form of proximity we're used to.


Chasing the wide line.


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