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Sanwa MT-4S 40th Anniversary Edition 4-Sale

Sanwa Denshi - MT-4S 40th Anniversary Digital Proportional Radio Control System.

For Sale...

Lightweight and great.

Limited Edition.

Unmarked Gloss Piano Black.

LED Backlight.

High Speed Response same because the original M12.

Set Includes...

1 x MT-4S fortieth Anniversary Transmitter

1 x MT-4S fortieth Anniversary Transmitter Carry Bag

1 x RX-471 - Single Receiver covered handiest.

1 x Dry Cell Switch Harness

Original MT-4 black chrome wheel design with alloy rim for exceptional feeling.

Yeah Racing Hex Wheel System blanketed.

(NOTE: original 40th Edition wheel is not covered as IMO it turned into not heavy enough for instant go back feeling.)

Dry Battery compartment most effective.

Piano Black units this one aside.

2 grips blanketed and all of the everyday MT4S Features like adjustable tension, grip / trigger positions and many others.

Stickers may be eliminated.

Price and availability. Click here.

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