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RE-Constructing the Samurai.

Starting factor...

Finishing factor... A little build that took a lovely afternoon.

With lovely climate, I wasn't going to build this system inside the storage.... A balcony build for me...

Yes... Overdose elements a masses.

Full SSG Carbon Graphite chassis and Shock Towers, Motor Mount with custom 3mm spacers for large pulleys. Steering and turnbuckles, Servo Saver and Antenna Post.

I can almost construct a DRb in my sleep these days. But you always overlook the collection for a pair of factors.

But a DRB build always starts here. The static components form the bottom.

Then you preserve going until you begin to get the belts flapping round too much.

Eventually you get the front joined to the rear with the higher deck keeping the chassis plate from flexing.

Twill carbon at the Overdose parts can look a chunk dull now and again, but other instances its just a pleasant issue.

Here we see Overdose, Kazama.

Onward we press, Black grease on ball joints, oil on bearings... Clean and quite. V2 Front cease with Wrap up subsequent objects also in area.

Ahhh, A roller. Finally. Belts tensioned. Shocks positioned.

A few pics earlier than the frame mounts were added. Team bomber the front aid completes the carbon set flawlessly. Customised SSG Hyper Drive Bridge provides energy to the weakpoint of the DRB.

Red. Blue and Silver Overdose triplets.

So the stop result jogs my memory how remarkable the DRB may be.

It's a terrific element I take these snap shots because I can see multiple screws still to be delivered.

It's time to appreciate... While the charges of WELD Overdose Brand objects have expanded lately. The upgrades had been never a reasonably-priced option.With only a unmarried production run of most Japanese emblem "Tuning" elements, you need to be lucky to drag those together.

This machine has been with me a while... Starting as a DIB-R then DIB275, then DRB HT, then DRB OD, then HIGH CS DRB as it currently sits.   Final spec is still around CS 3.2:1  F40-9-18-27R

Unused Kazama FXR wheel saved for that shelf queen imagery.

It's certainly visible a few motion... Good sufficient for the shelf or for the street.

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