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'52 Mercedes-Benz 170 SB W191

If you are into hot rods, especially if you are thinking of building one, you must have asked yourself how to build a car that really stands out. Our colleagues at auto-sude.de found the answer in the shape of an unusual 1952 Mercedes 170S W191. The shell of this post war machine was purchased in 1991 but rust had eaten its way through most of the components and some parts were missing making a restoration to original mission impossible. They saw a rare opportunity to convert the Merc into a unique Hotrod.

After hours of sand blasting and welding at the floor plan, rear panels, wheel arches they turned their interest to the roof, which become chopped by way of three inches. Wheel arches have been extended to create room for new wider wheels.

The strength plant is a as a substitute surprising Alfa Romeo three.0 V6 developing 200hp coupled with a ZF 5 speed gearbox which drives the restored rear axle. Brakes come from a modern-day mercedes 350 SLC type 107 and from an Audi A8 at the returned.

The car is completed in a very first-class colour of gray, and few chrome finishers remaining have been painted black which includes the stunning unique hubcaps.

Sehr badass!

Autosude via Motoriginal

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