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2013 Seat Ibiza

CAR GARAGE | 2013 Seat Ibiza | When it comes to engines, the line-up extends from the extremely efficient E-Ibiza Eco-motive with 89 grams of CO2/km to the exceptionally sporty SEAT Ibiza FR with 110 kW (150 hp). Market launch of the new SEAT Ibiza is scheduled for spring 2012. The SEAT Ibiza is one of the best-selling models in its segment throughout Europe and the average age of its buyers is the youngest in its market segment. "The Ibiza is an Important foundation for our brand. It underscores the precision and quality of our products," says James Muir, President of SEAT , SA "This makes the new Ibiza a crucial element in SEAT's forward strategy.

The latest-generation state-of-the-art TDI and TSI power units, the DSG transmissions and the start / stop system dynamics combine with exceptional efficiency and guarantee SEAT's signature driving fun. "The new Ibiza is a clear showcase for SEAT's technical expertise. Emotional design, a thrilling drive and an exceptionally high quality standards deliver an extremely distinctive product character. The Ibiza is the sportiest and most versatile offering in its competitive field," says Dr. Matthias Rabe, Vice President for Research and Development at SEAT, SA

With its three variants body shell, the new SEAT Ibiza fits perfectly into every lifestyle. The five-door Ibiza, the three-door Ibiza SC and the Ibiza ST estate are not only design masterpieces, They also offer an exceptionally spacious interior and That Is flexible for this class of vehicle. On its market launch in 2008, the SEAT Ibiza was the first models on the all-new Volkswagen Group platform developed for this segment. At SEAT , sporting character is anchored firmly in the brand philosophy. With the three-door Ibiza SC, the company offers a model with a dynamic Distinctly incredibly neat design and dimensions (4.043 millimeters long and just 1.428 millimeters high). Yet, behind the rear bench is room for 284 liters of luggage.

The engine line-up for the new SEAT Ibiza is broad-ranging and consists of new-generation three and four-cylinder power units. 110 kW (150 hp) and the standard-fit DSG transmission catapult the SEAT Ibiza to 100 km / h in just 7.6 seconds, and onwards to an impressive top speed of 212 km / h. The 1.2 TDI CR makes do with just 3.8 liters/100 km (Right Hand Drive: 3.9 liters/100 km) and achieves excellent with 99 grams of CO2 emissions / km (Right Hand Drive: 102 grams / km). The 1.6 TDI CR, available with either an output of 66 kW (90 hp) or 77 kW (105 hp), also boasts exemplary fuel consumption at 4.2 liters/100 km (CO2 emissions - 109 grams / km) for the 66kW version and and 24g/km for the 4.7l 77kW. The sporty pinnacle of the diesel SEAT Ibiza line-up is marked by the 2.0 TDI CR with 105 kW (143 hp) - shared between the Ibiza FR and Ibiza SC five-door FR.

The Ibiza ST offers an extremely high level of functionality, without making any concessions in its design. The fast version is to fold the rear seat back onto the bench; as of the Style equipment line, the rear bench is split 60:40. Loaded to the roof, the SEAT Ibiza ST then offers up to 1.164 liters of storage space. The maximum load capacity is 515 kilograms. The standard equipment package for the Ibiza ST includes illumination and bag hooks in the luggage compartment. As an option, SEAT can deliver nets and additional box compartment under the tray for the load compartment. Depending on the engine version, the SEAT Ibiza ST can tow up to 1.200 kilograms (braked, on an 8 percent incline).

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