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2012 Toyota Prius

CAR GARAGE | 2012 Toyota Prius | The new Toyota Prius features a revised exterior design, improved interior censorial quality, enhanced Instrumentation and a range of affordable multimedia and advanced navigation systems: Touch Toyota , Toyota Touch & Go Touch Pro Plus and Toyota . The Toyota Prius Remains a front-runner in the field of technological innovation. The third generation Toyota Prius, launched in 2009, showcases a Head-up Display, projecting useful information onto the base of the windscreen, Including vehicle speed, the Eco Drive Monitor and the status of the optional Pre-Crash Safety and Active Cruise Control Systems .

Intelligent Parking Assist enables the Toyota Prius to automatically Man oeuvre into the chosen parking spot. Using ultrasonic sensors and a rear view camera, the system calculates the steering movements needed to reverse into a parking space.  The third generation Toyota Prius also introduces the world-first combination of a solar ventilation system and remote controlled air conditioning. The new Toyota Prius' Intelligent Parking Assist system has been improved to allow even more efficient and faster parking maneuvers.

The new Prius offers customers a unique range of multimedia equipment choices. Fitted as standard, Toyota Touch, a 6.1 inch, full color, touch-screen interface, represents a new approach to convenient, affordable, on-board multimedia systems. Toyota Touch & Go Plus builds on the Toyota Touch Numerous multimedia unit by adding new, advanced technology features to Toyota's remarkable touch-screen multimedia system.

Toyota Touch Pro is the most sophisticated satellite navigation system yet Offered by Toyota . This premium quality multimedia system features a high-resolution 7.0 inch touch-screen interface with a 'home' screen, displaying the most relevant air-conditioning, audio and navigation information. Toyota Touch Pro also incorporates DAB / DAB + / DMB digital radio as standard, making it compatible with a new advanced Transport Protocol Export Group (TPEG) traffic information service.

The new Toyota Prius benefits from Increased body stiffness, thanks to extra welding spots and reinforcements.  An Important facet of the Toyota's full hybrid vehicle market expansion, the new 2012 Prius will now Become the first full hybrid vehicle available as a complete stand-alone range models - Prius, Prius + and Prius Plug-in Hybrid. The three models will significantly expand the Toyota Prius customer base and subsequent sales: the Prius + targeting growing European families who require the space and flexibility of a larger, seven-seat vehicle, the Prius Plug-in Hybrid appealing to a new group of environmentally conscientious early adopters thanks to its extended EV range of 23 km.

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