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State revs up free car program

Vehicles available for auto-repair classes

With a large number of trade-in vehicles accessible to part with, authorities at the state Bureau of Automotive Repair are attempting to get the word out about the office's new Cars for Schools program. 

Propelled in January, the new program gives free trade-in vehicles to secondary schools, junior colleges and local word related places for their auto-fix programs. 

So far there have been not many takers, however state authorities are attempting to get the message out about the program, said Matt Woodcheke, representative for the state Department of Consumer Affairs, which incorporates the Bureau of Automotive Repair. 

"We've contacted the California Automotive Teachers affiliation and requested that they circle flyers for our benefit," he said. "We're likewise laying some foundation with the state sheets of instruction." 

All teachers need to do to get a free vehicle is contact the program and solicitation a vehicle, Woodcheke said. 

"The school has to give a tow," he said. 

To make towing simpler, authority authorities will arrange with tow organizations and auto dismantlers close to schools that revide journey vehicles through the program, he said. 

Auto fix instructors can demand explicit vehicle makes and models, model years, scopes of model years or other vehicle-explicit highlights, the department said in a news discharge. 

Russell Martin, who shows car fix at Simi Valley High School, hadn't caught wind of Cars for Schools yet said it seemed like a smart thought. 

Propelled in 2017 as a local word related program, the auto shop class is available to secondary school understudies in Simi Valley, Moorpark and Oak Park brought together school areas. 

Clunker autos in the program originate from the agency's purchaser help program, which gives qualified vehicle proprietors up to $1,500 in impetuses in the event that they send their vehicles to an authority endorsed dismantler. 

A year ago, in excess of 50,000 vehicles were resigned through the program, Woodcheke said. 

This year, the agency intends to surrender away to 350 vehicles, yet as of January authorities had gotten only six solicitations for clunkers, he said. 

"It's an extraordinary program for schools that offer understudies hands-on preparing in vehicle fix," he said. 

For more data on the Cars for Schools program, call (916)403-8759.

Source By www.mpacorn.com
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