Automobile's 20 Best Car Stories of the Year

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Drako GTE 06

These are our favorite (and most popular) stories from this past year.

Knowing the past is 2020—as are we, nearly. As 2019 attracts to a nearby, we're investigating the tales and pictures we distributed for the current year and surfaced our top picks, just as those that demonstrated exceedingly famous with perusers. Our recap incorporates the principal ever mid-motor Corvette, a Tesla pickup truck, meets, our yearly All-Stars grants, and that's just the beginning. Peruse on for them all, requested as they showed up during 2019: 

Self-ruling State 03Autonomous State 03 

Driverless Cars: Where Do They Stand Now? 

A gander at the condition of the computerized craftsmanship. 

2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 482020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 48 

2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 48

Unshakeable: All-New 2020 Porsche 911 Driven! 

A sensation that this has happened before ordinarily strikes people, not huge gatherings of also harassed characters. Be that as it may, now in the development of Porsche's 911, you don't have to have possessed a case of the ever-enduring back motor games vehicle to feel firmly that you've been here previously. 

1972 Porsche 911 Cayenne 11972 Porsche 911 Cayenne 1 

What Would Today's Cars Resemble If They Were Designed Decades Ago? 

Based close to Amsterdam, Ruben Ooms is a prominent Dutch artist and idea and storyboard craftsman who learned at the Amsterdam Graphic School and Estor Studio School. Ooms spends the majority of his work time teaming up with promoting organizations and movie studios yet additionally executes idea representations and renderings for custom-vehicle manufacturers and super-yacht architects.Recently, Ooms set his abilities and creative mind toward a path that grabbed our eye: How might the present vehicles have been styled on the off chance that they had been created in various periods? 

NASCAR legend Bobby Allison 06NASCAR legend Bobby Allison 06 

Angling for Peace with NASCAR Legend Bobby Allison 

Bobby Allison's throws look like outtakes from Bassmaster magazine: long, sparkling strings that land in the water with scarcely a wave. At that point he gives me the bar. My initial two tosses miss the mark, at that point the third buoys out in an apathetic bend that looks encouraging—until it snares itself around the dock and gets more tangled up than a multicar wreck on a superspeedway's back stretch. Indeed, even the fish look humiliated. 

2019 Automobile All Stars Winners2019 Automobile All Stars Winners 

2019 Automobile All-Stars: The Winners 

There are the individuals who enthusiastically analyze numbers, limited the center, or choose to return to the regular old models while mulling over what they accept to be the best vehicle (or autos) of the year. That is not us. Rather, during our yearly All-Stars occasion, we set out to just reveal to you which vehicles flabbergasted us and why. 

2019 Automobile All Stars contenders2019 Automobile All Stars contenders 

2019 Automobile All-Stars: The Contenders 

What's more, the 2019 Automobile All-Stars are . . . gracious pause, those are on this other page. Here we present the full field of contenders, a different and noteworthy gathering that could possibly be the absolute best we've at any point collected. 

Karma Revero GT 11Karma Revero GT 11 

Karma Revero GT 11

Inside Karma Automotive: How the Company Is Fusing Coachbuilding with High Tech 

Regardless of whether you put stock in it or not, the idea of karma—which is focal or essential to numerous world religions—is without a moment's delay basic and inconceivably mind boggling. As it were, it's simply the law of circumstances and logical results working on an ethical level; in another, it's the total of each activity attempted by everybody who at any point lived and the system of those cooperations. Neither of those is a well-suited depiction of a vehicle organization, obviously, yet the two thoughts can be utilized to outline what Karma Automotive is doing today, and why. 

2020 Toyota GR Supra 592020 Toyota GR Supra 59 

2020 Toyota GR Supra 59

2020 Toyota Supra Driven! It's more or less Real 

This isn't the first occasion when we've driven the 2020 Toyota Supra, code-named A90. Our first spin in the driver's seat occurred eight long months prior in an early European-spec model, at the unbelievable Jarama race circuit. And still, at the end of the day, it was clear Toyota was on the correct way, yet given the Supra's BMW-based provenance, we needed to muse: What makes a Supra a Supra? What's more, would the market consider this To be as a genuine successor to the unbelievable A80 MkIV? Presently, after many laps at Summit Point Motorsports Park and many Virginia nation street miles in the driver's seat of the U.S.- spec generation Supra, we have the responses to those inquiries and the sky is the limit from there. 

Flying Cars 10Flying Cars 10 

Driving on Air: Where the Hell Are the Flying Cars We Were Promised? 

Gossip has it the first run through Karl Benz drove his 1885 Motorwagen—the world's first-since forever vehicle—down an open byway in Manheim, Germany, a bystander shouted to a companion, "Goodness! Take a gander at that thing! Wouldn't it be cool in the event that it could fly?" for whatever length of time that autos have existed, it appears, drivers have wished their ground-bound vehicles could lift off. 

PALV Liberty flying carsPALV Liberty flying vehicles 

In Photos: Every Flying Car Currently Trying to Get off the Ground 

These individual air vehicles are attempting to change how we get from direct A toward point B. 

Chevrolet Citation 07Chevrolet Citation 07 

GM's X-Cars: Anatomy of a Miserable Failure 

Chevrolet Citation 07

How awful does your vehicle need to be under the watchful eye of it pulls in a claim from the U.S. Branch of Justice? Welcome to the tale of General Motors' X-body venture, began in the late 1970s as a reaction to the attack of front-wheel-drive imports that were making advances on account of a mix of moderateness, dependability, and high efficiency. 

Mario Andretti 21 

Mario Andretti Won the Indy 500 50 Years Ago, But He's More Interested in the Bigger Picture 

You probably won't know heaps of insight concerning the life and vocation of Mario Gabriele Andretti, however you more likely than not know about him. Crosswise over ages, you're not the only one. He was an American easily recognized name some time before satellite TV multiplied. 

Drako GTE 06
 Drako GTE 06

The 2020 Drako GTE Is a 1,200-Hp, All-Electric Hyper-Handling Supercar 

On Friday morning at The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering during Monterey Car Week 2019, upstart Drako Motors divulged its striking new all-electric supercar, the GTE. What's more, whatever your emotions with respect to its outside styling, it flaunts a few eye catching numbers: 1,200 consolidated drive, a 206-mph top speed, and a base cost in abundance of $1 million. 

Outside Van 01 

Outside Van 01

10 Cool Camper-Van Conversions You Can (Probably) Afford 

Hoping to get out there—you know, truly out there—yet tents are a no-go and you would prefer not to drag a trailer to stay in bed or drive something the size of a house? At that point you're searching for a camper van. 

Card shark 500 107 

Gambler 500 107

Going 4x4 romping in Iceland with $500 Cars: The Best Kind of Gamble 

I felt awful for our picture taker since I couldn't answer any of the various inquiries he had in front of the excursion. He knew it all I did: We would venture out to Iceland, and underneath a 12 PM sun, we would ride pull-start minibikes and drive $500 vehicles through the forlorn Highlands. I let him know to such an extent, however he wasn't persuaded. Everything I could state was, "Don't stress. This is the manner by which the Gambler 500 works. " 

Beginning in Korea 01 

Genesis in Korea 01

Found in Translation: Driving the Genesis G70 in Its Korean Homeland 

Spiky, foliage-concealed mountains make somewhere in the range of 70 percent of Korea's open country. Albeit long the worst thing about tired voyagers, today these streets are the incredible pleasure of an alternate sort of savant—the individuals who tune body and suspensions. Previous BMW M engineer Albert Biermann is fairly acclaimed as an undercarriage whisperer, and when he left BMW to take over R&D at Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis, he went to Yi I's well known street to fill in as his true proving grounds. What's more, sufficiently certain, on a mid year weekday, we pass a covered Kia model shrieking up the street as we tear downhill the contrary path in a Genesis G70. 

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 past banners 

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 past flags

2020 C8 Corvette First Drive Review: It's Brilliant 

Here is the place we should examine how the new 2020 C8 Corvette is a wild takeoff from its front-motor roots, how it's a decades-in length mid-motor dream made genuine, and how it wants to accomplish nothing not exactly to completely rethink American games autos. Those are significant and verified actualities, yet they've been pounded the life out of here and somewhere else. The thing you truly need to know is our opinion of how the new Corvette drives. 

SEMA 2019 Newspress_ 

SEMA 2019 Newspress_

The Ultimate 2019 SEMA Photo Gallery 

The 2019 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show is going full bore and we're back in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the current year's large occasion. Here we present a colossal photograph exhibition of the vehicles, stars, and, well, other stuff from the assembly hall floor, just as the encompassing outside territories. The strength items exchange occasion is stuffed with the most preposterous rides from Chevrolet, Ford, Mopar, Toyota, and many tuners from around the globe. 

Earth Roamer XV HD Overland Camper Truck Exterior 9 

EarthRoamer XV HD Overland Camper Truck Exterior 9

Earth Roamer XV-HD Super Camper Can Be Yours for $1.7 Million 

There's a scene in Pulp Fiction where hired gunman Jules (played by Samuel L. Jackson) tells his accomplice Vincent (John Travolta) that he's stopping and needs to "walk the earth—like Caine in Kung Fu. Stroll here and there, meet individuals—get in experiences." Well, when Jules becomes weary of strolling, would we be able to prescribe the EarthRoamer XV-HD? It's a definitive extravagance vehicle, and it's been made for rough terrain, off-the-framework experiences. That is given obviously in the event that you can foot the $1.7 million sticker price—which doesn't check extra courtesies. 

Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup window innovation demo 3 

Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup window technology demo 3

Tesla Cybertruck: Range, Power, Payload, Towing, Price + More 

It's alright, we've all been there. The principal sight of the Tesla Cybertruck isn't something to trifle with. From the start, you'll be confounded, uncertain of what you're taking a gander at. Your mind may even freeze quickly. At that point you'll rapidly progress into awe and interest: Why did they do this? I don't get it's meaning? How can it work? After further reflection, you'll either discover yo

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