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Porsche Won't Be Happy With This 935 Owner


Have lessons be learned from the 911 R price surge?

A few years ago, the Porsche 911 R became an unexpected smash hit. Although production was limited, many of those lucky enough to secure one opted to sell. Why? Because demand surged to up to $1 million per car from an original price tag of around $250,000. It was a deal too good to pass up for some, and understandably so. Porsche, however, was not happy and later responded by launching the 911 GT3 Touring Package. The intent was to decrease the 911 R’s value.

The German automaker also supposedly took names. It knows who sold their 911 R and those who kept them. And now it appears another Porsche customer is trying to make a pretty penny again, only this time it’s the track-only 935.


Limited to only 77 examples and inspired by the iconic 911-based racecar, the 935 shares its general guts with the already mind-blowing 911 GT2 RS and because it’s not for road use, it’s even more extreme. List price: about $817,000. But now someone who purchased one, more specifically a build slot, decided to make a profit instead of remaining in Porsche’s good graces.

One of those build slots just sold on Race Cars Direct for €1,500,000, which is just less than $1,700,000. That’s more than double the original price tag. The seller also wisely chose to remain anonymous but we wouldn’t be surprised if Porsche still managed to figure out their identity.


Flipping rare Porsches for profit, such as the 935 and 911 R, is deeply despised over in Stuttgart. It views its cars as objects to be enjoyed by being driven, not as investments. But as long as Porsche continues to build highly-coveted limited edition high-performance machines for both the road and track, there will always be someone somewhere willing to part with it (or the built slot) for the right price.

Source By carbuzz.com
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