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Audi closes 2018 with around 1,812,500 automobiles sold

Audi closes 2018 with around 1,812,500 automobiles sold

Audi handed around 1,812, 500 automobiles to clients worldwide in 2018, 3.5 per cent less than a year ago

Audi handed around 1,812, 500 automobiles to clients worldwide in 2018, 3.5 per cent less than a year ago. In Europe, sales came 13.6 per cent in the past twelve months. On the residence continent, Audi had replaced almost a third of its deliveries with important framework shifts for the A1, A6, A7 and Q3 since the start of its first year. In China, the Ingolstadt-based carmaker reaffirmed its position as the most successful fee brand for the 30 st time in succession. In North America, the company closed its first year on a par with the level of last year (- 0.9% ). Around 154,550 clients worldwide elected an Audi in December, a decrease of 14. 3 per cent.

" As expected, 2018 has been demonstrated extremely challenging with "the worlds largest" sit and technological sciences safaris in Audi's history- coincides with the switch to the new WLTP assessment round," says Bram Schot, CEO and interim Members of the security council for Sales and Commerce at AUDI AG." The positive feedback from our latest mannequins supports our brand's strength, while we prepare for the new challenges ahead this year ."

In China, Audi once again shut the year with a new record-breaking digit, with 663,049 vehicles exchanged representing an increase of 10.9 percentage. The sales volume has increased more than fivefold over the past ten years. In 2018, the Four Rings discovered demand soar for the domestically produced payment mannequins A4 L (+ 42.6% to 163,279 autos) and A3 (+ 12.7% to 91,173 autos) in particular. The company exchanged more than 10,000 components (+ 4.0%) of the new volume of its full-size flagship, the A8 L, in 2018. In October, a long wheelbase explanation of the Q2 tailor-make specific to the Chinese market attached the local portfolio; this explanation is proposed especially at young customers. 2019 will see farther highlightings arriving at marketers in the Middle Kingdom, with world markets preamble of the new A6 L shortly. With the Audi Q2 L e-Tron as the first domestically produced electric car and the Audi e-Tron as an import sit, Audi also aims to set an important milestone in the second half of the year for the electrification of the Chinese sit assortment.

Model transitions, innumerable political and financial indecisions as well as the changeover to the new WLTP test cycle dominated business for Audi in Europe in 2018. Across all simulate, auctions on the residence continent fell by 13.6 per cent to around 743,600 units over the year as a whole. The A7 acted well, with auctions up 47.4 per cent to around 10,100 units since January. Luring around 16,000 advancement territories, the Audi e-Tron likewise induced a stimulate among European customers. In December around 51,500 customers (- 20.9%) in Europe received their keys for an Audi. The company continues to work at full speed on the homologation of its simulates. The week after week further engine/ dissemination variances can be ordered again in the configurator.

In the United States, Audi once again achieved very strong marketings in 2018, purposing its first year with 223,323 customers, slightly below the comparative flesh for 2017 (- 1.4% ). The Q family, in particular, is affording a great deal of momentum in the United States. Necessitate for the stylish off-roaders ripened above-average by 8.3 per cent to 126,252 units. For the first time in the history of Audi of America, SUV marketings account for 57 per cent of gives. The most popular Q model is the Q5, with demand increasing over 21 per cent to 69,978 autos. Audi Canada also benefited from the SUV trend, achieving a new record-breaking flesh (+ 2.5% to 36,908 autos ). As a decision, Canada established itself as a firm fixture among the top 10 largest groceries for the third largest year in succession. In The Americas, gives in its first year as a whole built around the high level of 2017 (- 0.9% to around 275,000 autos ).

Source by audi-mediacenter.com

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