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2018 Toyota C-HR Chunky monkey.

Published September 30, 2017
2018 Toyota C-HR Chunky monkey.
2018 Toyota C-HR

The future is here, and it's not lower , not wider , not sleeker, and not faster, and it wears ludicrous taillights. Appear past its robot Donkey Kong styling and the 2018 Toyota C-HR is the vehicular personification of lazy conventional wisdom as the second largest decade of the 21 st century dissolves away. It's not bad, but it's not trying, either. It's okayish by default.

Now that stems are hurriedly being eradicated like smallpox, the C-HR is naturally a five-door situation like a crossover, except that everything feigning of off-road ability--including even optional all-wheel drive--has croaked AWOL. It sort of packs the slots that Toyota are applied to occupy with both the larger Venza and the small Scion xD, with a shout-out to the Matrix. The characters stand for Coupe( though it isn't one) and High Rider( though it doesn't travel all that high-pitched ). As such, it's a theoretical refusal of the boxy-box Scion xB aesthetic that once seemed destined to abide and now lives merely in the Kia Soul.

The C-HR is basically Toyota's interpretation of the Nissan Juke with a hyphenated nudge to the Honda HR-V. It's bigger than either of those--the 103.9 -inch wheelbase exceeds the Juke's by 4.3 inches, and its 171.2 -inch overall span is 8.8 inches longer. Like those contestants, it includes same aspects such as high-mounted rear opening manages and a foreshortened tush. And reasonably like the Juke, the C-HR has the profile of a huddling chimpanzee.

Ordinary to an Extreme 

Under that crouching-monkey exterior is a mechanical bundle of stunning ordinariness. The C-HR is structured around the same Toyota New Global Architecture( TNGA) that underpins current Prius patterns. It's likely that the next Corolla will share much of this CUV's basic engineering where reference is shows soon.

It's a unified formation subscribed atop a strut front expulsion and a multilink setup in the rear. The rack-and-pinion guide is electrically assisted, the anti-lock restraint system utilizes freshened discs in front and solid discs out back, and the engine is stood transversely up front driving a endlessly variable automatic transmission( CVT ). Consider every small-car conventional-wisdom casket checked.

Propulsion comes courtesy of a 2.0 -liter member of Toyota's now decade-old ZR four-cylinder engine family. It has dual overhead cams, 16 valves with variable timing, and a comparatively long blow. But it is rated at just 144 horsepower practice up at a calling 6100 rpm. The torque crest comes at a most reasonable 3900 rpm, but there's only a scant 139 lb-ft. This is an unpretentious and modest powerplant.

Modesty and unpretentiousness don't, nonetheless, work well with a CVT. Generally speaking, CVTs operate excellent when flogged to modern turbocharged engines with a thick-skulled low-grade cease and a torque veer that starts down low-grade and stays flat good and long. For sample, the 174 -hp turbo 1.5 -liter inline-four that Honda installs in the Civic( as an updated to a 158 -hp, 138 -lb-ft 2.0 -liter four) renders its 162 lb-ft of crest torque at merely 1700 rpm and preserves it all the way to 5500 rpm. That car's CVT doesn't need to seek out higher instrument rushes to find adequate grunt.

In contrast, the comparatively peaky and not-very-generous torque veer of the C-HR's naturally aspirated inline-four is necessary that the CVT's drive belt desperately hunts for poking. And that results in a thrumming monotone that is most harassing at full throttle.

By 2011 criteria, the C-HR's drivetrain is fine for a CVT. But for 2018 it experiences, and sounds, dreadfully outmoded. That said, there is a bit of merriment find work applying the preprogrammed virtual gears retrieved via the transmission bar, but it'd be easier if there were switching paddles behind the steering wheel. There aren't. Although we suppose that, with this half-hearted try at manual transfer, it's better half a heart than no heart at all.

2018 Toyota C-HR

Predictably Slow

A mere 144 horsepower will have a rough go at propelling 3286 pounds , no matter what the transmission. Hurl a brick at the accelerator pedal and the C-HR dawdles to 60 mph in 11 seconds flat and completes the quarter-mile in 18.4 seconds at 79 mph. That's using the M mode in the transmission; it's marginally quicker--a relative term--than is the fully automatic mode. But it's the lack of responsiveness in passing that adds some fear into the mingle. It takes the C-HR a lackadaisical 7.5 seconds to grumble from 50 to 70 mph. That's at least a half-second slower than any of the six twerp-utes C/ D compared in 2015. It's a massive 1.8 seconds behind the 146 -hp Mazda CX -3 Touring that won that comparo while also fighting the parasitic drag of an all-wheel-drive organisation. Clearly, the CVT murders what little concert capability there was in the C-HR.

At least it pays off in road ga economy. Although we evaluated 28 mpg in mixed implement -- 1 mpg lower than the EPA blended rating--the C-HR preserved 37 mpg on our 200 -mile highway fuel-economy exam, a whopping 6 mpg better than government officials road estimate.

All C-HRs come wearing 18 -inch rotates inside 225/50 R-18 all-season tires, and their grasp is all used up at 0.81 g on our skidpad, accompanied by severe understeer. The steering itself is light-footed and the communication through the leather-wrapped rotate is astonishingly satisfactory, but the overall arise is a proficient direct of an uninteresting story.

2018 Toyota C-HR

Lots of Equipment per Dollar

Toyota offers the C-HR in two trim degrees: the $23,495 XLE and the $25,345 XLE Premium( so the XLE part is kind of pointless, but whatever ). It's in the facet content for the buck that the C-HR radiances most brightly. The XLE's standard paraphernalium listing includes adaptive sail controller, lane-departure forewarn, lane-keeping assistance, projector-beam headlights, dual-zone automated climate control, leather on the steering wheel and switching grip, and a 7.0 -inch centrally attached touchscreen for displaying and controlling recreation and communication systems. The XLE Premium, the one we measured, adds lighting for the visor pride mirrors, blind-spot monitoring, heated cloth accommodates, a proximity key, fog lightings, and lightings in the side-view mirrors that project the C-HR logo on the sand alongside the front openings. The only alternative on the one we drove was $194 worth of storey and shipment mats.

But there are cracks in all that, extremely. Toyota's Entune audio suite isn't offered in the C-HR. The backup camera's likenes doesn't appear on the center screen; instead it's in a bit tiny square embedded in the rearview mirror. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also aren't on the( nonexistent) alternatives listing. Navigation system? Use your phone, or just know where you're going before pressing the beginning button. It seems as though Toyota couldn't amply commit itself to the latest technology.

The C-HR's cabin is sweetly detailed in piano-black plastic, but the available space isn't expansive. The accommodates are perfectly shaped and supportive, although fares in back will be squeezed and may knock noggins going in beneath the ascent rear ceiling. That roof also impedes cargo infinite with the rear accommodates up--the Soul are completely 5 cubic paws more in such situations. The C-HR's luggage publication is on the low end of class norms when the backside accommodates are folded( 36 cubic paws ), extremely, but they do go down plain. All U.S.-market C-HRs are assembled at Toyota's plant in Sakarya, Turkey, and there's no seeming compromise in fabric or assembly quality.

The C-HR is a Toyota, and that entails, treated right, it might be reasonable to expect it will outlive you and various generations of your descendents. But this is a vehicle that deserves some mechanical booking to go with its origami bumper embraces and stylish let. If Koko the gorilla can ascertain sign language, this ape deserves some stunts of its own.

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