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Opel Crossland X Price 2017 | 2017 Electric Cars

Opel Begins Crossland X Production | 2017 Electric Cars

Opel Crossland X Price 2017 | 2017 electric cars.It's a big daylight for Opel as the first of countless new makes to be developed with PSA Groupe has begun going off the assembly line. The Crossland X has officially opened product at the Zaragoza, Spain plant.

It should be mentioned the Crossland X was actually born from a previous General Motors-PSA Groupe partnership, necessitating it's not the first all-new Opel to be born from PSA, but it's pretty close. The Crossland X is effectively a Peugeot 2008, is built around the same PF1 platform.

" Today is a great daylight for Opel and the Zaragoza plant. The Crossland X is an important part of our example offensive as we are adding another exciting gondola to the booming SUV and CUV market. This will support our proliferation strategy ," articulated Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann.

The Crossland X replaces the Meriva MPV in Opel's lineup, though private vehicles holds a few multi-purpose properties, such as a sliding second row. The Crossland X will be followed by the larger Grandland X eventually this year, likewise built on a PSA platform.

With the proclamation, Opel stated it plans to introduce 29 new vehicles by the year 2020 with help from its new, French owner. For now, it seems the simulates will still be overseen by Neumann, though it's been speculated the current CEO may leave the company following major bonus payouts from GM.

The Crossland X is on sale now with a starting price of EUR1 6,850.

Source : gmauthority.com
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