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New Mini E, GM electric-car goal, 2018 Leaf, Clarity lineup, diesel release investigate: The Week in Reverse

2017 Electric Cars

2017 Electric Cars.Why won't the EPA target California's waiver to specify its own emission rules--yet--according to one source? 

How bad are the real-world NOx emissions from diesel passenger vehicles and heavy-laden trucks? 

This is our look back at the Week In Reverse--right here at Green Car Reports--for the week ending on Friday, May 19, 2017.

Friday, we showed the firstly teaser photo ( merely a single headlight force) of the 2018 Nissan Leaf; more detailed information are eagerly awaited by electric-car devotees all over the world.

We likewise included Tesla's fights against confederation efforts at its assembly flora in Fremont, California, and observed the company now likewise suggests that the national media are being played for suckers.

On Thursday, we discussed the worries of Toyota's CEO and namesake, Akio Toyoda: electric cars will shortfall excitement , not to mention that they'll expense a great deal to develop.

And we wrote about a new video that compares the electric and hybrid versions of the 2017 Hyundai Ioniq, via an unplanned superhighway excursion across part of Canada to see how each did.

Wednesday, a new, immense, and terrible consider on diesel releases showed that two-thirds of passenger cars emit more nitrogen oxides in real-world consume than allows for law.

Also, a new Mini E electric car will launch in 2019 as a halo car for the Mini brand, a BMW executive says--bringing back an icon much-loved by its test drivers.

On Tuesday, we suggested that one carmaker will sell someday cheap electric cars in loudnes, at a profit. Its managers remark, repeatedly, that GM intends to be that companionship.

Meanwhile, a draft 2018 fund from the Trump Administration leaves the fate of the EPA's emission test lab in Ann Arbor, Michigan, up in the air--which worries automakers.

We knocked off the week on Monday noting that a federal gues has approved the VW 3.0 -liter diesel colonization, offering numerous sequels( and cash) to 88,500 owners.

We also took a deep dive into the three-car Honda Clarity lineup, considering both how the plug-in composite and 80 -mile all-electric explanations fit in--and why they came to be.

Over the weekend, we produced our 2017 electrical motorcycle buyers guide. It's finally springtime, and speechless razzing has improved again this year.

Finally, we dived into its significant programme contention about Trump's EPA under its fossil-fuel-supporting brain, Scott Pruitt, who revokes admitted atmosphere science.

Will the environmental go after California's long-established law ability to set its own radiation constitutions? One source says he doesn't think so--at least has still not been. We explained why.

We likewise offered car dealerships a pro tip-off: If you have electric cars on the lot, you really need to keep them blamed if you hope to sell them to shoppers.

Those were our main legends this week; we'll see you again next week. Until then, this has been the Green Car Reports Week in Reverse update.

Source : greencarreports.com
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