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2017 Ford Focus Electric Range - 2017 Electric Cars - Otomotif News

2017 Ford Focus Electric Range
2017 Ford Focus Electric Range

2017 Ford Focus Electric Range.While Chevrolet's Bolt electrical vehicle is chasing after Tesla with a driving stray of at least 200 miles, Ford has its sights given squarely on...Nissan? 

Despite Ford's recent pledge to invest an additional $4.5 billion into its electrical vehicle platform, Kevin Layden, Ford's director of electrified powertrain engineering, told Automotive News that the 2017 version of the Ford Focus Electric will furnish a mere 100 miles of stray. That betters the current sit but will give Ford far short of the EV leaders.

The company's decision to use a smaller battery pack with a limited stray amid the promise of 200-plus miles of driving stray from both the sub -$ 40,000 Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3 stems from Ford's desire to keep the Focus Electric's weight and cost to a minimum, Layden explained.

Although the EPA has yet to confirm the updated Ford Focus Electric's 100 -mile range, the above figures would contribute an additional 24 miles of hurtle per charge to the Focus Electric over its 2016 -model-year counterpart's 76 -mile driving stray. Ford's electrified hatchback will then be close to equivalence with the 2016 Nissan Leaf with its accessible 30 -kWh artillery carry, which offers a driving stray of 107 miles.

Other brand-new features of the 2017 Ford Focus Electric include DC fast-charge ability, which is expected to provide the Focus Electric's artillery carry with an 80 -percent charge in nearly 30 instants, as well as a" Brake Coach" arrangement that helps moves conclude the most of the Focus Electric's regenerative-braking system.

Source : Caranddriver.com
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