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new audi q3 review 2016 used interior s line plus

new audi q3 review 2016 used interior s line plus
new audi q3 review 2016 used interior s line plus
new audi q3 review 2016 used interior s line plus.- Audi's firstly foray into the SUV market was the Q7, which proved to be a king-sized success for the company. When the smallest Q5 came along, customers couldn't get enough of this stylish and capable mid-sized SUV.

So why stop there? With drivers missing compact cars that are just as sumptuous yet more economical than range-topping SUVs, an even smaller vehicle was called for, and that's exactly what 

Audi delivered with the Q3.

Shorter than the Q5 by 250 mm, the Q3 is also lighter and more frugal, while most examples still come with the safety of quattro four-wheel drive. Predictably, the smallest Audi went on to become another hit with customers, so agreement are rare, but sometimes it's worth burrowing a bit deeper.

Models covered

The Q3 was Audi's first try at a small SUV. It went on sale 2011 and is still in its first contemporary, although it was updated with a facelift in 2014.

Audi Q3 Mk1( 2011 -date)- Baby SUV has all the credentials of a top second-hand buy


The Q3 reached showrooms in November 2011, with a 2.0 TFSI petrol engine in 170 or 211 Ps organizes( 168 bhp or 208 bhp ), or a 177 PS( 175 bhp) 2.0 TDI diesel. The latter two machines were offered with Audi's S tronic dual-clutch automatic drive. By July 2012, there was a 2.0 TDI 140( 138 bhp ); 18 a few months later, a front-wheel-drive 1.4 TFSI sounded, and Q3 quattros got an S line Plus trim option.

Then the RS Q3 arrived in February 2014, before a facelifted Q3 thumped the road in April 2015 with a redesigned front end, more standard pack and lower CO2 emissions.

Finally, the 2.0 TFSI moved up to 177 bhp from 168 bhp, and the 2.0 TDI was offered in 150 PS( 148 bhp) and 181 bhp forms.

Which one should I buy?

There are no machines or communications to evade in the Q3, but the 1.4 TFSI is front-wheel drive exclusively; the 2.0 TDI 140/150 is the only other Q3 without standard quattro.

Pin down the exact spec of any possible buy, as some cars have more alternatives fitted than others. Still , no Q3 is poorly gave, as even the entry-level SE peculiarity 17 -inch composites, Bluetooth, dual-zone climate control, a 6.5 -inch multimedia screen, electric openings all round, automated lamps and wipers and rear parking sensors. S word supplements plays sits, 18 -inch composites, stiffer suspension, xenon lamps and jumpy balances, while S line Plus spec( introduced in April 2015) draws 19 -inch boundaries, cruise limit and all-round parking sensors.

new audi q3 review 2016 used interior s line plus
new audi q3 review 2016 used interior s line plus
Alternatives to the Audi Q3 Mk1

The Q3' s closest competitive is BMW's X1, which is as efficient, solidly built and ergonomically bright as you'd expect, although the Mk1 model( 2009-2015) is very dated now. The 2016 second-generation car is much better, but still pricey on the used market.

For a stylish and useful pick, there's the Range Rover Evoque, which is more widely available than the X1 or Q3. But abused prices are high, despite there being one on every area. The Volkswagen Tiguan comes with some immense devices and is extremely capable, if a bit uninspiring. Or you could try the Ford Kuga, with its great designing, dynamics equipment systems levels.

What to look for:


The xenon sunrises can flicker; it could be down to a faulty tie-in, or a software update may be needed to set happenings right.


Many owners find their Q3' s front windows take ages to clear when it's cold outside, regardless of which heater installs "theyre using".


The undertray at the front of the car can come adrift, plucking the wheelarch liners out of shape. Some pushers specify it under certificate, but others don't.

Filling up

The fuel filler flap release can seize up; lubrication is all that's required. If that flunks, there's a crimson plastic attract near the jack and tools.


Everything you touch and meet oozes quality, while the smash is simple to get on with and the seats are pleasant, extremely- but the interior styling is very conservative. Rear legroom is good even for three adults, while boot room is a handy 460 litres- or 1,365 litres with the back fannies folded.

Running costs

Most Q3s have a variable servicing structure, which allows up to two years or 19,000 miles between garage calls. A established regiman is offered, extremely, which conveys a service is required every 10,000 miles or 12 months.

Most business rate PS250-PS280, but after three years, gondolas are eligible for services that start at PS159. Fresh brake fluid is needed after three years, then every two years( PS59 ); the air-con is recharged every three years at a cost of PS80. Only the 2.0 TDI and affix -2014 1.4 TFSI engines boast a cambelt; a brand-new region is needed every 120,000 miles or five years, costing PS599 including a fresh water run.


The only recall to affect the Q3 so far is the emissions set required on VW Group's 2.0 TDI engine. Apart from that, it's been smooth sailing, as since the Q3 stroked down in the UK at the end of 2011, Audi has issued just eight recalls across its entire series. While almost every car in the Audi line-up has been involved in at least one campaign since the Q3 was innovated, the newborn SUV has remained unaffected, which is a good sign for exploited buyers.

new audi q3 review 2016 used interior s line plus
new audi q3 review 2016 used interior s line plus
Driver Power owner satisfaction

The Q3 slipped from 14 th sit to 31 st in our Driver Power 2016 comfort overlook. Fourth place for build excellence is affecting, together with 17 th for both execution and calmnes of driving. Happening 24 th for ride excellence is too good, but 119 th for moving costs and 111 th for feasibility are less inspiring.

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Source      : autoexpress.co.uk

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