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Detroit Auto Show 2017 : 2020 The Iconic Ford Bronco Return

Detroit Auto Show 2017 : 2020 Nex Generation The Iconic Ford Bronco is Back
Detroit Auto Show 2017 : 2020 Nex Generation The Iconic Ford Bronco is Back

Yes, the Ford Bronco is back. Or at least it will be in 2020. We've assembled all of our intel in this handy navigate to assist you track this classic SUV's development up until the working day it reverts. As we ascertain more, this page will be updated, so keep an eye on it. Below you'll find a dislocation of the knowns and unknowns followed by a timeline of what we learned when.

What we know: The brand-new Bronco is coming in 2020 as one of four( or is it five now ?) brand-new utilities Ford plans to add to its lineup. It will be built alongside the Ford Ranger, which is returning to the US market for 2019, at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan. The last Bronco built was a 1996 framework, and was based on the F-150 pickup. A specific atrocious vehicle pursue made a grey one moderately darn far-famed. Ford too sold a Ranger-based Bronco II from 1983 to 1990. That cool bucking bronco insignium will be restored. Ford is already expending it to taunt the brand-new framework. Folks are truly, really excited about the Bronco's comeback. While Ford hasn't justified it, we're nearly specific the Bronco and Ranger will share a programme. That would stimulate the Bronco a proper body-on-frame SUV, instead of something car-based like the Escape or Edge. Reports say the brand-new Bronco will be developed in Australia, which realizes feel given that the current Ranger was engineered there.

February 24, 2016: Oh, that sweet retro review . 

A provided of awesome interprets arrived on the internet, kindnes of Bronco6G. com. Everyone swooned. The retro-futuristic designing makes the best of the 2004 Bronco concept, smoothes the abrupt borders, and combinations in some modern Ford texts. If the brand-new pose ogles anywhere near this good, it'll has become a winner.

February 11, 2016: Ford announces a practicality offensive . 

At the 2016 Chicago Auto Show, Ford US auctions and marketing vice president Mark LaNeve announced plans to introduce four brand-new utilities ( crossovers or SUVs) in the following four years, although he didn't specify precisely what they would be. We instantly thought a brand-new Bronco was a pretty good wager.

March 17, 2015: It starts with a refer . 

We uncovered a trademark filing for the Bronco name and started hoping that it necessitate a brand-new edition of the classic SUV was on the way. Hey, we were right! Vindication perceives good.

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