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2014 Audi R8 V-10 Plus Price,Top Speed and Review

2014 Audi R8 V-10 Plus Price,Top Speed and Review
2014 Audi R8 V-10 Plus Price,Top Speed and Review

"Plus" In a top speed of audi r8 determine demonstrate, among other things, that the Lamborghini-spec V -10 pap another 25 horsepower to 525 mill -horse standard car. Although it is rich in effect, this figure car at Lightning Lap exacerbated. Category LL4 we usually have about three representatives. This time, it redden with heavy hitters purpose-built for the circuit.

Numbers-wise, audi r8 spyder hide in the darkness commissioned by classmates LL4 his (GT-R NISMO, the 911 Turbo S, Viper), but it was exactly two seconds faster than the non-Plus R8 V-10 we arranged in 2010.

Addition of 25 extra horses, Plus models get special arium delay. We're not sure how much that helps the car at VIR because it was on the soft side compared with other LL4s. We know that we R8 V-10 met in the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tire, while other original equipment tires, Pirelli P Zero might play a little better action.

What is the scope of the entry speed, and even today can not transmit lap is how many wheels audi r8 0-60 in the area. It reached it is lapper comfortable all day, but the scarcity of grip and replies fanatics of the GT-R NISMO and Z / 28, the R8 can 't compete with them next time round.

Neither of the two resonated well, though, especially when R8 revs to 8700 rpm. The impression steering slow-footed, almost lazy off-center compared with NISMO, until then transmits critical information and execute changes with accuracy. The grabbiness Audi ceramic brakes, which we have complaints about earlier, is not a problem on the road. pedal emerging companies, and refreshing affairs braking in without fear of fading.

R8 chassis settings stirring felt so safe and comfortable at 150.4 mph also includes a heaping spoonful of low-speed understeer, especially in the left-hander at the end of the scope of the three. Filch from the gas pedal very hastily during a big step and the back end came around in a hurry. A rather stiff front anti-roll bar may soothe some of it.

It also noted that the optional dual-clutch automatic, unlike the old age, a rough guide automatically, shifting smoothly. But a little more control and less scrolling bit will dramatically increase once this everyday supercar.

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Source      : caranddriver.com

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