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Myanmar's military Burns thousands of Rohingya muslim residents home

Myanmar's military Burns thousands of Rohingya muslim residents home

Myanmar's military Burns thousands of Rohingya muslim residents home

Breaking News Alerts - Clashes between the military of Myanmar Rohingya muslim residents continue to occur. Recent analysis of satellite images between 10-18 November of the institution of human rights Observers (HRW) shows more than 1,250 Rohingya muslim houses in the five villages had been destroyed by the ground following a military attack from Myanmar.

Meanwhile, according to the United Nations (UN), 30,000 inhabitants Rohingya forced to flee due to often get the violence of the military of Myanmar. In the past two days, dozens of people were killed because of the attacks from military combat helicopters.

Witnesses and local activists in the region reported that Myanmar soldiers killed and burned not only the homes of citizens Rohingya, they also raped, and looted goods. Regrettably, the Government refused to allow international observers to investigate.

In addition, the Government of Myanmar who is now led by Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi denied all these accusations with misleading News said this was done by ' terrorists '.

"Instead of responding to the accusations and denial with the style of the era-the military, the Government should look at the facts," said HRW's Asia Director, Brad Adams.

Hundreds of residents who have long persecuted Rohingya country tried to flee to neighboring Bangladesh. However, again they got refusal. Security forces have been deployed along the border to stop the refugees.

According to media reports the Government security forces have killed nearly 70 people and arresting more than 400 people since the time of the siege of six weeks ago. However, according to the activists, the number could be far higher.

Journalists who wish to cover and dig and to verify the facts in the field was often stymied by the apparatus. But a wide range of evidence of damage in various villages of the Rohingya were on the rise.

Source      : Merdeka.com

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