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Seven's Day @ GCRC - Part #1 The Show

Welcome to Rotor Town

RX7 SA- FC- FD - RX3 and the strange 4 rotor mustang.

Let's stand up close.

I love this shot. Awesome SA22 extended to 257mm.

3's a appeal

My M chassis SA.

FC3s had been famous.

BN Sports style is different.

Just a reminder of the venue.

Stunning fashion

Street music.

Maximum impact.

UK Drift Tune.

Formula D - US Drift Tune. Likely has a V8.

One hundred% JDM. Nothing however screaming 13bt here.

The RE-AU FD Missile.

Asamoto D1 replica.

D1 Style grew to become avenue automobile.

Sex Spec Fd turned D1SL.

RE-Amemiya Bodied D-Like FD - The Rotor Shield Numbers are worn by way of all competitors.

Basic Black.

Gun Metal Grey Armor

Loads of TRA-Kyoto Style

I loved the colour in this one. Stance turned into ideal. Rocket Bunny FD3s will breed like rabbits.. I know of 3 greater in the construct.

All types of styles.

And #Hashtag SimpleWhiteFTW

Carbon highlights.

HPI FD3s is low and wide.

Four Rotor antique faculty....

Yep... Stang!

Make your selection!!!

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