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Ford Focus ST (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Ford Focus ST (2013) | The Focus ST is Ford's first truly global performance car, building on the heritage of previous Focus ST models in Europe and evolving it to allow drivers around the world to experience and enjoy the exhilarating performance, unrivaled handling, addictive sound and muscular sports design That the ST badge represents. For drivers who want refinement for everyday use but with an exhilarating performance on tap, the Passion, Enthusiasm and expertise of Ford's Global Performance Vehicles group shines through and makes the new Focus ST the most rewarding and obvious choice. "The new Focus ST is a really exciting car for Ford ," said Jost Capito, director of Global Performance Vehicles.

The new Focus is a fantastic car to develop an ST models from, said Matthias Tonn, chief program engineer for the Focus ST. "It's a solid shell with precise handling as standard, as customers around the world have already found out. According to Capito and Tonn, performances around the world vehicle customers the same desire of Things from a car no matter on what types of road or in what weather conditions They drive. This is the insight That Ford's Global Performance Vehicles group gained and it forms the guiding principles for the performance car company's global strategy. Destined to reach over 40 markets on six Continents, the five-door Focus ST will bring affordable, everyday performance to the world. For Europe, where wagons derivatives are extremely popular in many markets, the opportunity to develop a stylish Ford Focus ST Wagon as a niche models was irresistible.

The rear suspension of the five-door and wagon versions of the Focus ST differ slightly. Ultimately, both the Focus ST body styles offer the same handling characteristics That will have drivers searching out twisty roads. Incredible driving dynamics are at the heart of the Focus ST. Innovation and technology combine to create a chassis capable of Exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding driving enthusiast, while giving even novice motorists an unforgettable drive. From the driver's seat, customers will experience the newly-developed Ford Sport Steering System. This variable ratio steering rack is designed to increase of the agility of the Focus ST on winding roads yet still inspire the same high-speed confidence. Drivers can keep Their hands firmly gripped on the steering wheel through tight hairpins, maximizing Their control over the vehicle.

The Focus ST's Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) is also enhanced with Ford's Torque Steer Compensation (TSC) system. More aggressive tuning of the TSC allows the Focus ST drivers to Accelerate at full throttle and yet still find grip on roads with uneven surfaces or uneven levels of grip. Further enhancements have also been made to the Focus ST's Electronic Stability Programmer (ESP), with emphasis put on driver enjoyment. Drivers will have three modes of ESP to choose from. These can be selected According to weather and road conditions or simply to match the driver's desire for help from additional driving aids. Only the sub-features Such as the Enhanced Dynamic Cornering Control (EDCC) REMAIN active, optimizing the enjoyment of the Focus ST's Abilities.

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