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BMW M550d xDrive Touring (2013)

CAR GARAGE | BMW M550d xDrive Touring (2013) | The sporting focus of the BMW xDrive and BMW M550d M550d xDrive Touring is highlighted by Bespoke modifications to the power transfer, chassis components and design. The new and globally unique M Twin Power Turbo technology Performance Gives the six-cylinder in-line diesel engine powering the BMW xDrive and BMW M550d M550d xDrive Touring maximum output of 280 kW/381 hp and peak torque of 740 Newton meters (546 lb-ft ). The BMW xDrive Sedan M550d goes from 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) in 4.7 seconds, while the BMW xDrive Touring M550d records 4.9 seconds for the same sprint.

The high efficiency of diesel technology also ensures extremely low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. BMW has played a major role in the burgeoning appeal of the diesel engine, developing the which units have time and again raised the bar in terms of sports performance and efficiency. The company's record of diesel engine development, the which began in 1983 with the launch of its first diesel model, now Continues into another fascinating dimension. The first of the new BMW M Performance Automobiles - founding a product category focusing on sporty driving pleasure - are powered by a diesel engine. Fitted in the BMW M550d xDrive, BMW xDrive M550d Touring, the BMW X5 and BMW X6 M50d M50d, the 2.993 cc engine generates maximum output of 280 kW/381 hp.

The engine developed for the BMW M Automobiles Performance represents a new high water mark in the history of diesel engines Illustrious at BMW. The premium car maker has Offered customers diesel-powered models since 1983. A host of prestigious awards - Such as the Engine of the Year Award - and the impressive success of diesel-powered BMW models on the track headlines the company's unrivaled expertise in the development of diesel technology.

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