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Volkswagen Microbus (2014)

CAR GARAGE | Volkswagen Microbus (2014) A final motivation for the 2014 Volkswagen Microbus is to maximize investment in the Group's new MQB "matrix" platform, the which serves as the foundation Bulli Concept According to VW's R & D director Ulrich Hackenburg, speaking to Britain's Auto car magazine. Lately renamed "modular design system" (MDS), this architecture can be varied in length and width to serve a variety of different vehicles with front-wheel drive and transverse-mounted engines. It Appears first division under Audi's next-generation-A3 premium compact car, expected for model-year 2012, and will go on to support the next version of VW's Main Stay Golf compact car models and many other Group.

The thing is, Herr Hackenburg virtually confirms the MDS as the basis for VW's new up! Family of subcompact cars, the which are due to start production in late 2011 or early 2012 and will play a large role in VW's hoped-for sales expansion. Previewed by a trio of 2007 concepts, the up! line was originally slated for a unique platform with rear-mounted power sources driving the rear wheels, but has since been shifted to a front engine / front-drive format That will save money by allowing more component-sharing with other VW models. This explains why the Bulli Concept looks so much like the 4-door Space up! It also ups (sorry) the odds for a 2014 Volkswagen Microbus production, given That the up! global models are intended for sale in serious numbers.

One question is whether the design Bulli would be enlarged for the Greater sales appeal in North America and, if so, by how much. If the package is expanded Bulli, we'd guess it will grow by up to 8 inches in wheelbase and overall length - to 110 and 164 inches, respectively - and by 1.5-2 inches in width and height - to about 70.5 and 68 inches. Being based on the MQB / MDS platform, the 2014 Volkswagen Microbus should ride a 4-wheel independent suspension with front struts and a simple twist-beam rear axle. We can only guess at other features now, but the logic Suggests 2014 Volkswagen Microbus will follow the current S, SE, and SEL trim and equipment hierarchy of the company's U.S. top-seller, the Jetta compact car. As noted, the Bulli Concept dashboard features a dock for connecting an Apple iPad to control Various on board functions.

According to VW's Bulli press release, the iPad not only serves as a multifunctional touchscreen, but, "along with Internet-based iPad applications and the  media center, it also handles control of Such functions as Bluetooth hands-free telephone and a navigation system. Integrated right on the iPad mount are controls for the climate control system and the centrally-located hazard warning switch. "This built-in redundancy Suggests Mainly the iPad would serve as a larger screen operating.

The Bulli Concept also boasts a sound system "produced by legendary Fender guitar and amplifier manufacturer (USA) ensures That the music sounds as though it were being performed live." Volkswagen has already Announced That Fender-branded sound systems will be available on selected 2012 models Including the Beetle and Jetta GLI, so we'll be interested to see where the Fender / VW association leads. The Bulli Concept also features a two-section panoramic sunroof That Might also be available for the 2014 Volkswagen Microbus.

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